“But as he went along the road, it came to pass that as he came near Damascus, suddenly a flash of light from heaven surrounded him; and falling to the ground, he heard a voice saying to him: Saulo, Saulo, why are you persecuting me? … Then Saul got up from the ground, and opening his eyes, he saw no one; so, taking him by the hand, they brought him into Damascus, where he was three days without seeing, and he did not eat or drink ”. (Acts 22.6-16; 26.12-18)

“Of the great variety of observations and manifestations that make up the UFO phenomenon, I believe that those cases where medical consequences have been documented are the ones that can provide us with the most advances, much more than the spectacular abductions that suffer from a certain sensationalist bias. Documenting the physiological effects, injuries and wounds associated with the UFO phenomenon has been my main objective” (Dr.Jacques Vallée)


Continuing with the work on physiological effects on UFO witnesses in Argentina, and added to those already published on PARALYSIS (QUOTE 1) and CUTANEOUS EFFECTS (burns and biopsies preferably) (QUOTE 2), I present today this one on the effects on vision.

The important thing – as in all the work I am doing in this regard – is to analyze the DISTANCE factor.

“The human eye works in a similar way to a photographic camera, although with a much higher definition. The vision process begins when light reflects off objects and enters through the pupil to the retina, where it is transformed into electrical impulses. In order for us to see the world around us, the operation of the eye is based on the refraction of light». (QUOTE 3)

All this in an organ that occupies less than 2% of the entire surface of our body.

When we talk about effects on the vision of UFO witnesses, we are referring to some very specific ones, which are analogous to those produced by excessive ultraviolet rays.

These can range from blurred vision, irritated and red eyes, tearing, temporary loss of vision and, in some cases, even blindness.

In the descriptions of witnesses, we find some very specific on the subject of vision.

We talk about the tremendous light power in many events.

Witnesses refer:

“Everything was done during the day”

“The light illuminated everything”

Also, descriptions of compact light beams can be found.

Paul Hill (1909 – 1990), was a highly respected NASA scientist when, in the early 1950s, he had a UFO sighting.

But in his field of work, official policy prevented him from proclaiming his findings. «He was destined,» says Hill, «to remain as anonymous as flying objects.»

Over the next twenty-five years, Hill collected and analyzed sighting reports looking for physical properties, propulsion possibilities, dynamics, etc. After retiring from NASA, Hill finally completed his remarkable analysis of it and published his book «Unconventional Flying Objects: A Scientific Analysis.»

In a quote, Hill points out that.

«Some light beams can be weapons, having as their purpose the projection of heat, the interruption of electrical and electronic equipment, and even the temporary paralysis of individuals.»

Add that:

“Pervasive high-energy radiation from UFOs affects the atmosphere around the craft to form a glowing ionized gas or plasma shell whose nitrogen component radiates strongly in the ultraviolet frequency. This bluish-colored ultraviolet radiation would explain the sore eyes and sunburn some UFO witnesses experience even at night, and if the light beams also cause nitrogen to fluoresce, people struck by them could suffer similar symptoms.” . (QUOTE 4)

Above, the excellent book «Unconventional Flying Objects: A Scientific Analysis», by Dr. Paul Hill (below, photo: NASA), where he summarizes the main characteristics of the phenomenon and the effects it generates.


A typical example of effects on vision can be the following:

In July 1965, in Rosario (SANTA FE) and at 2 in the morning, Mr. José Battagliero (former soccer player for Independiente, domiciled at San Martín 4958) was going to the back of his house (to which he found some domestic animals), when he was able to observe a UFO in the shape of a flying disc. This was corroborated by other neighbors and the athlete’s wife, while the object flashed strongly. Batagliero got into the truck and went to look for the Police (section 17), and an Inspector named Minitti accompanied him to his home, being able to verify the strange phenomenon already moving away from him. After the fact, Batagliero had vision problems due to the flashes emitted by the device. (End of quote)

Like all physiological effects, this is one that generates the most uneasiness in witnesses.

Many of them confirm that they would not want to live the experience again.

This is in complete contrast to the opinion of detractors on duty, who maintain that these witnesses were waiting to «see an alien saucer.» Such speculation is the result of their ignorance on these issues and of never having interviewed witnesses.

Former soccer player José Battagliero, who in July 1965 was one of several witnesses who saw a flying disc-shaped UFO in Rosario. After the fact, Battagliero got into his truck and went to look for the Police (section 17), and the agents were able to corroborate the fact, seeing that the object was moving away. The former player later had vision problems due to the flashes emitted by the device. (Photos archive C.Ferguson)


The effects on vision are varied.

Some of them are momentary and slight (dazzles).

Then we have the blinding. Here we have them of two types, the brief ones (which culminate as soon as the witnesses stop seeing the UFO), or those that continue for a longer time.

We also have eye irritations, accompanied by expressions used by witnesses: tearing, burning, etc.

We have 91 well-classified events of vision effects in witnesses from Argentina, from 1947 to date.

Of these, in 20 cases (22%), partial sequelae remain.

And in a few cases (5 in total), it is where we have declared the consequences that never ceased and that affected the witnesses for life. We will detail them later.

In the most extreme cases we find ourselves with a high intensity light source, which can cause corneal lesions that cause anguish in witnesses.

In Argentina we have 91 events with effects on vision, most of them temporary, and some of them permanent. In the image you can see the percentages corresponding to blinded witnesses, with irritated or dazzled eyes. (Image: C.Ferguson archive)


It is not the purpose of this article to delve into all cases, but we can see some examples. All the rest is condensed in the more than 2,000 cases of landings that I have published in my book «UFO Landings in Argentina» (now out of print).

But I will focus on some synthesized examples:

On September 21, 1965, a significant event occurred in the city of Villa Characato (CORDOBA).

At 7:00 p.m., Marta Vaudagna (Director of School No. 360) and 4 students were able to observe the presence of a UFO over the nearby mountains, which was emitting white, green, and red lights.

It was 300 meters away, stopped and remained for several minutes until it gave off a powerful light and moved away at high speed.

After a few seconds, the witnesses began to feel irritation in their eyes that began to swell noticeably.

The students were Graciela Suárez, Marcela Manson and René Vázquez (11, 13 and 8 years old respectively), and there were more witnesses. The small plant in Villa Characato had problems at the same time that the phenomenon occurred.

Police officer Hugo René González intervened in the case and verified the strange injuries reported.

In the town of Bialet Massé (35 kilometers away), retired teacher Cristina Rodriguez also observed the phenomenon at the same time, and suffered the effects on her eyesight. She stated:

“First I heard a purr in the sky, and together with other people we saw the slowly advancing spherical object appear with green and red lights. I followed him for a minute until he walked away, and then I started to get blood in my eyes, and temporarily lost my sight.»

Note: We wonder how some detractor can try to explain this case as a meteor, or another conventional «explanation», where we have an object before several witnesses, which descends for a few minutes, and ascends again, leaving a similar sequel in several people, those who were confirmed by police personnel.

The distance of 300 meters and the effect produced is striking.

The one that was «explained» as a «meteor» was the event that occurred on January 22, 1985 in the city of La Plata.

On that occasion, and at 10:00 p.m., residents of Tolosa observed the evolution of an incandescent luminous spherical UFO that made circles and moved away with a strong buzz towards the South. It was moving at a low altitude and there were burning effects in the eyes of the witnesses.

The main witness’s little daughter (12 years old) suffered burning effects on her eyesight. Another witness named Méndez (21 years old) saw him move away like a rising reddish point of light.

The newspaper «El Día» consulted sources from the Astronomical Observatory, who affirmed that it was a «aerolite brushing against the atmosphere», which was strictly denied by the observers, since the body carried out some maneuvers before moving away (the Observatory de La Plata has us accustomed to trying to «explain» the cases through any explanation, or even forging a photo by one of its owners, in order to demonstrate how easy it is to put together a case).

The case of Tolosa, of January 22, 1985, reviewed by the newspaper «El Día» of La Plata

Another interesting event to mention is the one that occurred in the 70s in the city of Mercedes (Buenos Aires Province), facilitated by my colleague Alberto Brunetti.

There, Mrs. Isabel M.G. She was leaving her farm outside to look for household goods, when she suddenly observed to her left a powerful flashing light. She thought it could be some stellar phenomenon, but her surprise was great when from that luminosity a sphere of about 3 meters in diameter appeared just 10 meters above the field. It had different colors and was approaching his position.

Almost blinded and paralyzed, she came to see how that powerful light passed over her head, noticing in the lower part a kind of «photographic lens» that opened and closed.

The water in the jug that the woman was carrying immediately evaporated. Likewise, she perceived a noise from her gold earrings, which flew 5 meters from her position.

With great astonishment, the woman managed to enter her home, to tell what happened to a relative of hers. They immediately took her to a doctor for treatment, who diagnosed her with erythema on her arms and blindness.

Some of the woman’s cats disappeared and others died within a few hours. A security force investigated the case and took the earrings, notifying the woman that they would be returned to her, which never happened. It is a case with combined effect.

El caso del 21 de septiembre de 1965 en Villa Characato (CORDOBA), es un claro ejemplo de efectos en la vista de los testigos. Alumnas de la escuela 360 (izquierda) y la Directora de la escuela, Marta Vaudagna, sufrieron en carne propia los efectos, por parte de un OVNI que despedía potentes luces. Estaba a 300 metros de distancia, y luego de permanecer varios minutos, se alejó a gran velocidad. A los pocos segundos, los testigos comenzaron a sentir una irritación en los ojos que comenzaron a inflamarse notablemente. La Policía corroboró las lesiones y hubo muchos más testigos. (Fotos: Archivo Carlos Ferguson)


Of the 91 cases of vision effects, we have 19 where witnesses have stated that they had been treated by specialists (21%).

From the rest, it follows that:

A – Either it is not detailed in the report or…

B – They were never treated by professionals, perhaps for fear of ridicule.

Of the medical care cases, we find some interesting facts:

In an event that occurred in Santa Fe in 1968, a doctor who treated the witness who had vision problems, as well as paralysis and momentary speechlessness, recommended that he «forget what he saw and consult a specialist» (SIC).

In another event that occurred in Tucumán in 1978, the attending physician indicated (among other diagnoses) a kind of «pale conjunctivitis.»

In another case excellently investigated by Oscar Alemanno, on June 19, 1980 (Barrancas, Santa Fé), the doctor who treated the witness (clinician William Martellotto), determined: “irritation in the eyes, similar to that produced by a electric welding” (QUOTE 5) (Oscar Alemanno, Cuarta Dimension no. 84, s/f)

The Barrancas case (June 19, 1980), shows that the irritation in the eyes of the witnesses comes not only from the UFOs but also from the entities. Case of great similarity with the one that occurred in Villa Santina (ITALY) to the painter Johannis, on August 14, 1947. (Drawing and research: Oscar Alemanno)


More dramatic are a few events where the witnesses had prolonged or permanent sequelae.

We talk about:

1 case of significant ocular burning

2 cases of 40% vision loss

2 cases of vision loss in one eye

The cases of loss of 40% (both the same proportion) were those that occurred on October 19, 1978 in San Miguel de Tucumán (TUCUMÁN) and that of October 16, 1992 in Victoria (ENTRE RIOS).

The case of the witness Morassi in Arequito (June 21, 1980) is another example of an effect on vision. The medical report says that he had an illness from a light source.(Photo: Luis Reinoso)


As in other works on physiological effects, my interest was to detail (for the first time in Argentina), how they are presented according to the distance factor from the observer.

I already did it with the Paralysis and with the skin effects.

In the evaluation of visual impairment data, we found some cases where, even over long distances, there were considerable effects.

Such was the case on January 7, 1978 on the banks of the Uruguay River, when at 03:45 a.m., some witnesses observed an oval UFO with bluish-white light for 10 minutes, which caused a burning sensation in their eyes. The estimated viewing distance was 6,000 meters.

Engineer Mc Campbell mentions a similar event in Baden, Pennsylvania (USA), on August 13, 1965. A 37-year-old witness had just put his car in the garage when he saw an object about 100 m in diameter and in disk-shaped, which flew past. It had orange lights, and a more powerful blue rear one. When the object was about 700 m away, all the lights disappeared.

This was followed by a kind of «shock wave», and the leaves on the trees stirred. The witness entered his house and notified the Air Ministry by telephone.

Twenty minutes later his vision blurred and his eyes began to ache. He gradually lost sight in both eyes and his whole body seemed «sunburnt». The medical examination compared these symptoms to those that would be produced by exposure to ultraviolet rays. Over the course of several days, the witness gradually recovered his vision. (End of quote)

McCampbell notes:

“Obviously, the UV rays couldn’t have caused the sunburn because they couldn’t have penetrated the clothing! However, microwaves can penetrate clothing and burn skin.” (End of quote)

Returning to the Argentine statistics, for the first time I present the results on 45 episodes where we counted effects on vision and distances:

Image: C.Ferguson Archive

Then, a more general graph, with the same data. Here we see that the effects on vision can also occur at distances greater than 100 meters, or more.

Image: C.Ferguson Archive

Finally, the graphs corresponding to the effects by decade and the territorial distribution of Argentina.

Image: C.Ferguson Archive

Of the 23 provinces and the autonomous city of Buenos Aires, the effects on the vision of witnesses occurred in 71% of the territory (16 provinces and 1 in an autonomous city).

Image: C.Ferguson Archive


A – In Argentina, the international constants on the effects on the vision of UFO witnesses are reiterated. The people affected are of different ages and of all socio-cultural conditions.

B – In relation to distance, we also find effects even at considerable distances. It is evident that the phenomenon displays a considerable light source – and sometimes impressive. It is important to remember the study carried out by Dr.Bruce Maccabee on the photograph of August 27, 1956, near McCleod, Alberta, Canada. The witnesses were two Royal Canadian Air Force pilots flying a formation of four F86 Saber jets. The planes were flying west over the Canadian Rockies at 36,000 feet about an hour before sunset. One of the pilots saw a «bright, clearly defined, disc-shaped light», resembling «a brilliant silver dollar placed horizontally», situated below the planes but above a thick cloud cover. It appeared to be considerably brighter than the sunlight reflected off the clouds. The duration of the sighting was estimated to be between 45 seconds and 3 minutes. The first pilot took a photograph on a Kodachrome color slide. This case and this photograph were later analyzed by Dr. Bruce Maccabee in 1996. Maccabee dismissed speculation that the phenomenon is due to light reflection or ball lightning. From the available data, Maccabee estimated that the object’s luminosity (the power output within the spectral range of the film) could have been as high as 2.5 gigawatts. (QUOTE 6)

A gigawatt, also known as a GW, is a unit of power equal to one billion watts. The gigawatt is usually used as a unit in large power plants or networks. A lightning strike can reach an instantaneous power of 1 gigawatt (billion watts). Therefore, the Alberta UFO seems to double that energy. And as another example, in 2020, the United States added 2.5 GW of wind energy in the second quarter of 2020 (QUOTE 7)

C – As in the cases of paralysis and burns, it is noted that many witnesses are somewhat imprudent in approaching the phenomenon, or else, carrying out two actions that are not recommended = using lights to search for a response signal or deliberately attacking. However, in most of the Argentine cases, the effects have occurred without these last two actions having occurred.

D – The trauma and shock generated in witnesses who lose vision for a few days is very great. A few events – unfortunately – show that the effects have been fully maintained.

E – It is evident that the phenomenon causes minimal uncontrollable effects as some expect. Many cases of effects on the vision of witnesses are the product of a deliberate action also by the phenomenon itself. This raises questions not only because of our actions but also because of the response that can arise unexpectedly in each case. The powerful luminosity of many UFOs gives us the approximate dimension of what many witnesses who are exposed to it must experience.

F – Once again, there is no official answer or help for this type of case. It is clear that for complaints of aerospace objects affecting the environment and humans, much more is needed than simple photographic studios in an office or those in charge of them who have obsolete positions from the 50s.

August 27, 1956, near McCleod, Alberta, Canada. The witnesses were two Royal Canadian Air Force pilots flying a formation of four F86 Saber jets. The photograph taken at that location was analyzed by Dr. Bruce Maccabee in 1996. Maccabee dismissed speculation that the phenomenon is due to light reflection or ball lightning. From the available data, he estimated that the luminosity of the object could have reached 2.5 gigawatts (lightning can reach 1 gigawatt power).
Alberta UFO magnification.


The witnesses of vision effects that I have been able to survey in almost 50 years reflect a restlessness that prompts reflection.

The overwhelming majority of them did not believe in «flying saucers» or «aliens.» Even a large part had contrary ideas.

Suddenly, at some point in the day or night, they stumbled upon what no one has been able to decipher to this day. They verified in “their own flesh” the light reality and suffered the consequences.

What today is beginning to be seriously addressed globally still has no place in official Argentine offices.

No one will visit the witness (not even as an interest in an aerospace issue), or assist him in such a matter, neither physically nor psychologically.

The few researchers that remain in Argentina (not the disseminators, declaimers, talkers on the networks, occasional youtubers, spoon removers, eternal theorists, «Experts» who never investigated, illiterate people on duty, etc.); We are the ones who must support these witnesses and demand that the authorities responsible for the care of the national aerospace.

There must be a total change in the situation of apathy in which we find ourselves. Inoperative offices must give rise to a comprehensive dynamic study, if you don’t want to miss the train of history again.

Finally, it is ironic to point out that, in events where many witnesses have vision problems; Those who pretend to be distracted and appear blind are those who do nothing from an office that spends its resources solving the basics and taking refuge in investigative cowardice.

Carlos Ferguson

The author: He the first advisor to the Argentine Air Force (2011 to 2017) in Ufology. Carlos Ferguson works in the Logistics areas of the Ministry of Education (Province of Buenos Aires – Argentina), and administrative tasks. He is also a professor of artistic drawing and has been dedicated to researching the UFO topic for 48 years, when, being a non-believer, had a close encounter no more than 35 meters away with a disc-shaped UFO. He has courses in Satellite Technology, Remote Sensing and Geographic Information Systems. Author of 7 books and the largest compilation of landing cases in Argentina, with classified events. He has also carried out studies on cases of pilots and UFOs in Argentina, as well as underwater objects and the most recent, on the physiological and electromagnetic effects on witnesses. Hundreds of talks and notes over almost 5 decades show him with a line of work adjusted to the parameters of statistics.





QUOTE 4: “Unconventional Flying Objects: A Scientific Analysis” – Paul Hill

QUOTE 5: Barrancas Case, Oscar Alemanno, Fourth Dimension no. 84, undated