I have decided to carry out 4 papers on the physiological effects on UFO witnesses.
I have already published the first one entitled «Paralysis of UFO witnesses in relation to distance in Argentina» (QUOTE 1), and today I focus on the skin effects. The next two will be about visual effects and sounds.
Given the magnitude of cases of landings that I have gathered (the largest in Argentina to date), I allow myself to address this aspect for the first time in a global way in our country.


The Argentine ufological pioneer Professor Oscar Uriondo, in his work «The associated physiological effects» (QUOTE 2), points out:

“Very often, witnesses experience sensations of heat and even suffer skin lesions with varying degrees of severity, from simple irritation similar to that caused by minor sunburns, to more serious skin damage (which occurs in few cases). Such caloric effects are located especially on the faces and hands. It should be noted that in a large number of incidents witnesses report experiencing more than one physiological effect at the same time (e.g. electric shock and heat; heat and paralysis; heat and fainting; etc.).
Heat sensations are not always necessarily associated with EM effects. Surprisingly, sometimes the close presence of UFOs produces reverse thermal sensations.
Undoubtedly, the phenomenon exerts actions of a physical nature on the witnesses, some type of radiation, a certain kind of energy, with sometimes very serious and tragic results, as we have seen.
There are few researchers who have deepened the study of such effects, because the medical community -which would be the most suitable to evaluate the injuries and symptoms experienced by witnesses- does not show interest in the UFO issue or does not want to appear linked to it, and because, as in the case of electromagnetic interference, an important baggage of scientific and technical knowledge is required that few ufologists possess”. (End of quote)

These physiological cases are more important than any other.
This is also believed by the greatest current ufological exponent, Dr. Jacques Vallée, when he says:

“Of the great variety of observations and manifestations that make up the UFO phenomenon, I believe that those cases where medical consequences have been documented are the ones that can provide us with the most advances, much more than the spectacular abductions that suffer from a certain sensationalist bias. Documenting the physiological effects, injuries and wounds associated with the UFO phenomenon has been my main objective” (End of quote)

The remembered Physicist Dr. James MacDonald, was also in charge of speaking about these events before the Committee on Science and Astronautics in the 60s.
There he mentioned:

“I have come across cases where there was serious bodily harm, or where there was an obvious danger of harm, but the witness and his family found ridicule rising much faster than sympathy, so it was considered more prudent to forget the whole matter in silence.
It would be highly desirable to carry out much more exhaustive investigations of some foreign cases of this type, in order to verify the weight of evidence involved.
One can accidentally kick over an anthill, killing many ants and destroying the ant entrance, without any prior «hostility» towards the ants. Accidentally walking into a spinning aircraft propeller is fatal, but the plane had no «hostility» towards the unfortunate victim.
In the UFO phenomenon, it seems that we are dealing with a very wide range of unconventional and inexplicable phenomena, and if among them we discern occasional instances of danger, it would be premature to declare hostility. However, as long as we remain so abysmally ignorant of the general nature of the UFO problem, it seems prudent to make all such tentative judgments.
If UFOs are of extraterrestrial origin, we will need to know a lot more than we do now before we can make any solid conclusions regarding issues of danger and hostility.» (End of quote)

It is also important to point out what was stated by Lic. Angel Díaz:

“The framing of these phenomena in the wide field of UFO phenomena, is supported by the observed annual distribution, in the time law, in the characteristics of the objects associated with the events, in the Humanoid Entities and in the injuries produced, which medical specialists generally have serious difficulties in explaining, as well as other symptoms in these witness-patients.” (QUOTE 3)

It is noteworthy that in an extinct program in the Pentagon, physiological effects have already accumulated in witnesses, such as radiation burns, paralysis, etc. (2012 report). In this collection there are 42 cases of adverse effects from medical files and 300 ‘unpublished’ cases. (QUOTE 4)

We cannot fail to mention the remembered episodes in Brazil in 1977. The doctor who examined the witnesses on the island of Colares, Dr. Wellaide Cecim Carvalho de Oliveira, pointed out that «he had seen no less than thirty-five patients who claimed injuries related to UFOs All of them had suffered injuries to the face or the chest area.» These lesions – which resembled radiation injuries – «started with intense redness of the skin in the affected area. Subsequently, hair fell out and the skin turned black. There was no pain, only slight warmth. One also noted small puncture marks on the skin. The victims were men and women of different ages, without any pattern.»

Dr. Jacques Vallée details this in his book «Confrontations».

The events on the island of Colares (BRAZIL) in 1977 are disconcerting. The commotion of its inhabitants led the Brazilian Air Force to create an investigative team called OPERACION PRATO (Operation Saucer). After months of study, the collected documents were classified as top secret. Dr. Jacques Vallée undertook a personal investigation, which he recounts in his book «Confrontations».


As I pointed out previously, having the most important Argentine sample in quantity and quality gives me the privilege of being able to carry out work for the first time on some variables.
Of the more than 2,000 cases of landings in Argentina (from 1947 to date), we found 87 specific cases.

The distribution by decade shows the following table.

Taking into account that the 2020s have not yet ended, and that the 1950s had limited data, the most consistent seem to be the 1960s onwards. This may be due to two factors: 1 – Either by the phenomenon itself or 2 – By the presence of more researchers. I lean towards the latter. And this also coincides with the decrease in information that we are having lately, which shows that we currently have fewer and fewer researchers and more popularizers and theorists.

The cases by province (from 1950 to date), show us the following result:

Returning to the 87 cases of skin effects, I have divided them primarily into:

A – Burns, rashes, bruises = 29 events

B – Punctures, Biopsies = 58 events

Let’s specify these effects further.
In the following graph we see the percentages of areas of the human body where there have been effects of Burns and Biopsies, throughout the Argentine history.

The physiological constants of Argentine UFO witnesses comply with those given internationally (Image by C.Ferguson)

In BIOPSY we have a logical percentage in arms (95% left), and fingers or head, preferably.

In BURNS these occur mostly on the head and arms of the witness.

A striking fact is that, just as it happened in the famous case of Doctor X (studied by Aime Michele and Jacques Vallée), we have in all the Argentine history, 6 events where witnesses confirmed having had improvements in physical health.
This results from reports confirming 4 improvements in general (without specifying), and 2 specific ones (1 for psoriasis and the other for cancer).

Medical attention to witnesses was in 37 cases.
The hospitalization cases were 8 events.

Even in the Argentine casuistry of physiological effects, we have some events similar to those of Dr.X (indicated by J.Vallée and Aimé MIchel on repeated occasions)
The Trancas event (October 21, 1963) is a typical case of a burn effect on witnesses. Dora Guzmán (the Moreno family’s maid), experienced it firsthand, when a compact beam of light struck her from a UFO at a short distance, causing burns and requiring medical attention.


As in other physiological events, my objective was to determine those cases where we have the most accurate distances possible to the phenomenon.

Of the 87 cases, we have 55 where we find references of approximate and accurate distances.

In this sense, we have the following graph, which differentiates 3 skin aspects: burns, punctures and eruptions.

The first thing that stands out is that despite what is usually believed, many skin effects still occur at considerable distances (we have cases of skin burns 500 meters away from the UFO).

To better exemplify the issue of skin effects and distance, I have made this second graph, which shows a criterion of 5 distance ranges.

Five ranges of distances on 55 cases from Argentina (C.Ferguson)

Regarding burns, there are no differences between international cases and those of Argentina: we are talking about witnesses who have experienced heat in the presence of UFOs, many receiving a compact beam of light on their skin.

Dr. James McCampbell points out well:

“In almost all cases of close-range UFO sightings, witnesses have experienced a sensation of heat. The intensity can range from mild heat to a scary, painful burn. A semi-permanent record of such encounters is often kept by the witness in the form of a sunburn or even blisters. Burns are generally limited to areas that are directly exposed to the UFO.”

And adds:

“If a UFO is encased in a glowing plasma, it will radiate energy in a broad band of frequencies or wavelengths, extending well beyond the visible spectrum, the flow of energy will include longer and shorter wavelengths in the infrared and infrared regions. ultraviolet.» (QUOTE 5)

However, his hypothesis is that we are in the presence of heat generated by microwaves.
Superficial burns may be from ultraviolet radiation, but deeper burns may be from microwaves (as is often the case with some prints as well).
Undoubtedly, we can have cases where we have a broad spectrum conjunction (X-rays, microwaves, infrared and ultraviolet).

James McCampbell is one of the scientists who has focused on the physiological effects generated by UFOs

One of the best works on physiological effects on UFO witnesses was the one carried out by John Schuessler in 1996, with more than 350 detailed cases worldwide. (QUOTE 6)

The detail of the effects is similar to what happens in Argentina: eye irritation, acid taste, loss of consciousness; biopsies, burns; temporary deafness; singeing of the hair; nausea etc

Schuessler also pointed out something that surely happens in Argentina, and that was reviewed in the report of the «Sturrock Panel» (QUOTE 7)

“Unfortunately, cases involving injuries to animals and people are generally not well documented, lacking adequate description of the injuries and follow-up investigations (if any). The investigation is also hampered by the aforementioned fact that victims do not normally give information to the treating physician and that when they do, the doctors tend not to believe them. This does not aid in medical diagnosis and treatment. Some cases come to the attention of UFO researchers only years after the event. However, it appears that the reported cases involve very rare injuries, likely to have been caused by intense radiation sources not normally accessible to the public.» (End of quote)

In a study carried out by Dr. Donald Johnson (American psychologist and statistician), an analysis of 200 cases of encounters between UFOs and vehicles between 1949 and 1978, showed that in almost 60% of them, there are physiological effects such as paralysis, discharge electric, tingling or heat. (QUOTE 8)

In Argentina the percentage is almost similar. I will address it in a future article.


As additional data to these events we have:

About GENDER of witnesses (out of 115 data)

Male = 56%
Female = 44%


In your home = 42 cases
Traveling = 19 cases
Leisure = 17 cases
Working = 7 cases

Regarding NUMBER of witnesses:

1 control = 67 data
2 witnesses = 12 data
3 witnesses = 1 data
More than 3 witnesses = 7 data

Regarding PROFESSIONS of witnesses:

Employees in general = 18 data
Housewives = 17 data
Students = 14 data
Rural employees = 13 data
Truckers = 6 data
Merchants = 4 data
Retired = 2 data
Nurse, Police, Engineer, university professor = 1 data each.

About AGES:

0 to 10 years = 7
11 to 20 years = 17
21 to 30 years = 7
31 to 40 years = 10
41 to 50 years = 20
51 to 60 years = 6
61 to 70 years = 4

In these additional data we find information applicable to the declared circumstances.
In the number of witnesses (with a majority for only 1), it is evident that the cases of biopsies influence, which are usually a single observer.
The same is to be expected in the activity where the experience is manifested.

Participants in the UFO review panel in Pocantioco, New York, October 1997. This Panel also devoted itself to the analysis of cases of physiological effects, as an aspect of the utmost importance. From left to right: Thomas Holzer, Von Eshleman, Mark Rodeghier, John Schuessler, Jay Melosh, Randy (J.R.) Jokipii, Harold Puthoff, David Pritchard, Peter, Charles Tolbert, Francois Louange, Laurance Rockefeller, Jean-Jacques Velasco, Illobrand von Ludwiger, Henry Diamond, Marsha Sims, Jacques Vallee, Bernard Haisch, Bernard Veyret, Richard Haines, Michael Swords, James Papike, Guenther Reitz, and Erling Strand.


A – In the Argentine cases we found similarities with those of other latitudes in the cutaneous effects.

B – Those effects can be temporary in the short or long term. But unlike paralysis (which usually culminates when the UFO moves away), skin burns and biopsies can last longer, or even forever.

C – In relation to the distance, it is logical to infer that at a shorter distance, most of them occur. Although rare, we do have some notable witness burn events at more than 100 meters.

D – The skin effects suffered by many witnesses occur not only when the UFO approaches, but also due to the observers’ own action, namely:

1 – Reckless approaches to UFOs.
2 – Lights focused on objects (deliberately or not)

In many events, the phenomenon itself causes them. Compact light beams are usually the generators of such a situation.
Much more in witnesses who carry out some violent action, which is usually repelled immediately.
But we also have cases where the observers passively attended the observation, and also suffered a negative action from the objects and/or figures that accompany them.

E – The greatest impact for the witnesses – however – is not only the physical one. The impression before these effects, usually generate consequences of restlessness, frustration, fear. Even with the physical effects disappearing, the witnesses will never forget the experience. Many of them – I have verified this directly – do not want to talk about the matter again.

Compact light beams are, in a large number of cases, those that generate physiological effects in the witnesses. These can start from the UFO or from entities close to it.
A correlative analysis of events from Argentina and 35 cases from the «Magonia» catalog of Dr. Jacques Vallée. (C. Ferguson)


Can you tell me why this happened to me?
It is the question that many witnesses ask us, and our non-answer is frustrating.
Since we can’t answer crucial questions to a witness about why they had such an experience, we should at least be more than just broadcasters, commentators, or theorists.

This should call us to reflect on how we can do more than just collect case data.
Unlike what some ignorant detractors advocate, the vast majority of witnesses do not believe in «alien saucers» and do not expect any contact. Some even wish they didn’t have those experiences.

After this, the official vacuum is unfortunate. Especially in a country like Argentina, where the last official Commission that sought a more comprehensive study of the UFO (within aerospace phenomena), disappeared in 2016, giving rise to a biased photographic study.

We wonder what degree of responsibility falls on someone perched on an official chair, who does not deal with these cases, speculating that we are talking about fantasies.

Incredibly, this was already stated in the defunct 2001 magazine, number 10 (May 1969), when in an article related to the UFO effects of burns on witnesses, the editor stated:

“Those who have the specific mission of guarding the country’s borders and airspace do not suffer from incurable myopia. How to explain then that in the voluminous defense structure, there is not a humble investigative commission with a certain degree of mobility and advice and not a mere file of papers? (End of quote)

It is incredible that we are the same or worse than 54 years ago.
A more concrete recommendation was made from the «Sturrock» Panel (1997), when the scientists gathered there pointed out in one of the points:

«If there is indeed a health hazard associated with some events related to the UFO problem, some government office should offer a response to this hazard.»

Nor can we evade what is up to us as UFO participants.

Here the point is great indifference to the aforementioned situation, on the part of the vast majority of participants. As if it were not our concern to demand the responsible authorities, leaving the situation to the witness himself.

We are facing an avalanche of broadcasters on the one hand, and another group of eternal theorists, who try to generate «revolutionary» positions where everything is already discovered. There is nothing new under the sun, since Jacques Vallee and other greats of Ufology. The rest are just brush strokes with color changes.

Meanwhile, at any latitude in Argentina, an extraordinary event may be taking place right now.
An occasional witness may be experiencing some of the effects mentioned.
For him it will be a before and after.
But it will not be able to receive any support from the authorities, nor the due attention, because today such an event is not contemplated by those who, from an office in Argentina, theorize comfortably protected by the supposed «efficiency» of pragmatism, sitting in an armchair.

If we continue like this, we will realize – time as a witness – that we will have missed the train of History again.
Our responsibility as Ufologists is not to be complicit in such a situation, nor in lukewarmness and opportunism. At least a handful, we are.
Only in this way can we comply with what the great Aime Michel said:

«I discovered that to study this problem, you first need courage.»

Carlos Ferguson

The author: He the first advisor to the Argentine Air Force (2011 to 2017) in Ufology. Carlos Ferguson works in the Logistics areas of the Ministry of Education (Province of Buenos Aires – Argentina), and administrative tasks. He is also a professor of artistic drawing and has been dedicated to researching the UFO topic for 48 years, when, being a non-believer, had a close encounter no more than 35 meters away with a disc-shaped UFO. He has courses in Satellite Technology, Remote Sensing and Geographic Information Systems. Author of 7 books and the largest compilation of landing cases in Argentina, with classified events. He has also carried out studies on cases of pilots and UFOs in Argentina, as well as underwater objects and the most recent, on the physiological and electromagnetic effects on witnesses. Hundreds of talks and notes over almost 5 decades show him with a line of work adjusted to the parameters of statistics.


QUOTE 1: “The paralysis of UFO witnesses in Argentina in relation to distance” – Carlos Ferguson

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QUOTE 3: “Physiological effects in close encounters” – Lic.Angel Díaz, March 1983 – Río Ceballos, Córdoba, Argentina.

The document is part of 1,500 pages from the now-defunct Advanced Aviation Threat Identification Program (AATIP) that were released to The Sun by the Defense Intelligence Agency.
Effects include: apparent abductions (129 reported cases), electromagnetic effects on vehicles (77), perceived loss of time (75), burns (41), electric shocks (23), force field impacts (18), among others.

“Effects of UFOs on people” / James McCampbell

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