“People in the Middle Ages were as convinced of the existence of fairies and their subterranean palaces as you might be of the existence of an extraterrestrial civilization with glittering crystal cities on some faraway planet. A hundred years from now, the phenomenon may be playing other new games with us. Perhaps all the interplanetary paraphernalia will be forgotten. But those lights – and that accursed procession of anomalous, ten-foot-tall humanoid creatures – will continue to march among us. Isolated individuals will continue to be suddenly struck by bolts of energy from the sky on some lonely route, to then abandon their family, quit their jobs, and rise to fame or plunge into madness and bankruptcy…»

(John Kell – «The Mothman Prophecies»)

«Of the great variety of observations and manifestations that make up the UFO phenomenon, I believe that those cases where the medical consequences have been documented are the ones that can provide us with the most advances, much more than the spectacular abductions, which suffer from a certain sensationalist bias.»

(Dr. Jacques Vallee)


In line with the electromagnetic effects that the phenomenon generates, it was necessary to specify an Argentine statistical result on these manifestations.

We talk about visual, auditory and physical effects. The range is very wide: unconsciousness, blindness, pain and general discomfort, burns, punctures, sensations of heat, electric shocks, odors, amnesia, teleportation, and paralysis.

Worldwide, it was the American scientist John Schuessler who has prepared a catalog with 400 episodes of physiological effects on UFO witnesses.

And in Argentina, two pioneers have written articles: Professor Oscar Uriondo in «Associated Physiological Effects» (QUOTE 1) and Lic.Angel Díaz «Physiological Effects in Close Encounters» (QUOTE 2).

What was missing was a statistical study of all cases of paralysis in Argentina, with a rating system.

This can now be realized given the compilation of hundreds of landing cases that I have carried out (with qualification), which includes all the Argentine casuistry from 1947 onwards.


The American physicist James M. McCambell has studied these cases, reaching the conclusion that high intensity microwave fields would be the cause of these effects, as well as electric shocks, and even unconsciousness. But not all cases fit this possibility.

Another remembered physicist, Dr. James MacDonald, had also referred to these cases:

“These physiological effects are diverse enough that caution is required when attempting to generalize them. Interestingly, a peculiar tingling and paralysis seem to be more widely reported than any other physiological effect. A person who is almost ignorant of the ramifications of UFO evidence may think it absurd to claim that people have been paralyzed in the proximity of UFOs; the skeptic may find it inconceivable that such cases go unnoticed in the press and medical literature. Far from it, I’m sorry to say, based on my own research. I have come across cases where serious bodily harm occurred, or where there was an obvious danger of harm, but the witness and his family found ridicule to mount much faster than sympathy, so it was considered prudent. forget the whole matter in silence.” (QUOTE 3)

Dr.James Mac Donald


My work on UFO LANDINGS IN ARGENTINA (from 1947 to date), already contains more than 2,100 events, ordered and – most importantly – QUALIFIED.

From them I was able to extract 577 cases of UFO EFFECTS to witnesses.

SOUND comprise 52% (preferably buzzing, or whistling, purring, booming, etc.

Drowsiness, dizziness, listlessness = 5%









TELEPORTATIONS = 20% (by the way, it is striking that some participants who have been doing this for years are surprised when I tell them that teleportations in Argentina exceed 100). (QUOTE 4)


It is on this last item (Paralysis), that I will focus today in this article, and in the next I will delve into the rest.

The result of having been able to gather all the cases of landings (disseminated through all possible media), allows me today to be able to address each UFO variable (of those that some UFO «participants» say that there is nothing because the subject is «exhausted». ”, or that the turn negators ignore).


In this work I focused on the aspect of EFFECTS in relation to DISTANCE.

The idea is to see to what extent the distance from the witness to the phenomenon generates certain effects on it, just as I have recently published my work on the studies of the STRANGENESS – DISTANCE relationship in Argentina, which clearly show that the smaller the distance, the greater the strangeness. (QUOTE 5)

The UFO EFFECTS in Argentina where we can also find the DISTANCE parameter is 258 cases.

In the following graph we see exemplified the relative distance of the witness to the phenomenon.

UFO effects can exceed closeness, even exceeding 500 meters sometimes (C.Ferguson)

As is logical, the largest number of cases occur at a smaller number of meters. However, there are 2 other smaller crests that range from 51 to 60 meters and the second from 101 to 500 meters.

I was able to expand this information, discriminating the effect items in VISION, PAIN, BURNS, UNCONSCIOUSNESS AND PARALYSIS.

As before, the effects occur mostly at a shorter distance. In any case, there is a significant number of cases that occur at distances exceeding 50 meters. The cases of affectation to the VISION and those of PARALYSIS are clear examples of this (Both are present even exceeding 100 meters).

The results are shown in the following graph.


As Prof. Uriondo rightly points out:

“Like the heat waves projected from the UFO, paralysis and loss of muscle control, total or partial, is the most frequently reported physiological effect, and certainly the most dramatic for those who experience it. In these cases, the witnesses are paralyzed with the proximity of the UFOs; however their involuntary organic functions, such as breathing, heart rate or vision remain intact.

The researcher Jean-Luc Jorion distinguishes two different types of induction: a «voluntary paralysis» and another that he calls «automatic» with dissimilar characteristics.

In the first case, the immobilization is clearly deliberate and seems to respond to an offensive or defensive action by the UFOs or the «entities»; often they wield a kind of «weapon» that emits a «beam» focused on the witness. In this class of events, paralysis is immediate.

Regarding the “automatic” paralysis, it does not report the presence of humanoids nor does it describe lightning; It is sometimes preceded by pangs, tingling sensations, and electric shock suffered by the witness. Likewise, it almost always appears in association with electromagnetic effects in motor vehicles.

And Uriondo adds:

“There are few researchers who have studied these effects in depth, because the medical community –which would be the most suitable to evaluate the injuries and symptoms experienced by witnesses- does not show interest in the UFO issue or does not want to appear linked to it, and because, as in the case of electromagnetic interference, an important baggage of scientific and technical knowledge is required that few ufologists possess”. (end of quote)

Today in Ufology, we are – on the one hand – in the presence of disseminators who refer to «shocking» cases.

Also others who -even being professionals and with years of experience in the subject- talk to us about ufology «exhausted» thematically.

Something unites both: the complete ignorance of the complete Argentine casuistry.

What we point out in each article -as noted- is not something new in our country, but it has become more and more accentuated.

And the research is field and theoretical.

The latter inevitably includes the revision of the statistics and the minimum qualification of the information.

With the idea proposed by Prof. Uriondo to delve into a subject never addressed in Argentina, I decided to select all the facts that affected the witnesses of the UFO phenomenon from 1947 to date.

This adds up to a total of 577 events (average of almost 8 cases of UFO effects per year since 1947).

Within the wide range of effects I’ve mentioned above, one in particular is extremely complex. I mean «PARALYSIS».

This is what Dr. Jacques Vallée and Eric Davis have called the «6-Layer Model for Anomalous Phenomena» (QUOTE 6)

Layer 4 is the one that includes the physiological effects where we find Paralysis.

As the great J.Vallée rightly points out, this type of paralysis is not total but resembles AKINESIA.

Akinesia is the inability to initiate a movement. UFO witnesses describe the sensations of «paralysis» before UFOs and/or humanoid figures, with terms such as:

A – Paralysis proper

B – Partial paralysis (usually motor)

C – Weakness or Loss of strength

D – Tingling and inability to activate muscles

Among other.

Of the 95 cases of PARALYSIS in the Argentine UFO casuistry, there are 72 of them where we have registered the DISTANCE data.

In the following graph we can see this. As in other cases of EFFECTS, here we also find a second maximum marked from 50 meters onwards.


It is very interesting to find effects analogous to paralysis.

In the Argentine catalog we have 43 data where PARALYSIS is accompanied by other effects, namely:

17 cases of EM (Electromagnetic) effects: Various motors (motorcycles, cars, trucks, blackouts, etc.)

13 cases of effects on ANIMALS: dogs and cattle standing out.

14 cases of TRACES on the ground (preferably circular burns).

The data on these cases can be seen in this graph:

Lastly, and for illustrative purposes only, take some random witness paralysis cases from Dr. Jacques Vallée’s Magonia Catalogue, along with your own. Although the figure for Magonia is somewhat lower, we can see the conclusions in the following graph.

The study of paralysis of UFO witnesses has occurred throughout UFOlogical history. With estimated data I have made a comparison with some events from the catalog «Magonia» by Dr. Jacques Vallée


The beam of light has a preponderant factor in cases of paralysis. This occurs both from the UFO itself, and from entities that accompany it, and generates a deep impression on the witnesses.

Paralysis can be caused by a compact beam or by the light emission of the UFO itself, which is usually shocking to nearby witnesses.

Of all the cases of paralysis, in 23% of them we find the beam of compact light or intense light that paralyzes.

They would be those corresponding to what the aforementioned analyst Jean-Luc Jorion defined as VOLUNTARY. (QUOTE 7)

The response of the phenomenon towards witnesses occurs in 2 generalized situations:

1 – In response to their aggressiveness (or attempted defense)

2 – In approaches of witnesses to the UFO / ENTITIES.

The compact beam of light generates various effects on the witnesses.


In the study by Jean-Luc Jorion (with a greater number of cases), the curve of cases of AUTOMATIC paralysis fluctuates with maximums located between 30 and 150 meters.

Studio by Jean-Luc Jorion

In my study, with few cases with a certain distance (not estimated), we have the following graph, where we can see that the threshold has its maximum at a distance of 10 meters, then decreasing to 150 meters.

It is evident – ​​as Jorion pointed out – that the threshold of the paralyzing force field varies according to external circumstances: landing place and the distance of the UFO/HUMANOIDS from the witnesses.


We have 9 cases where witnesses tried to defend themselves or have a violent response towards the UFO/HUMANOIDS.

It is very significant to note that the phenomenon seems to capture the intentions of the witnesses, in some way.

For example: a witness who was inside his home in a rural area, noticed very close to his home, the presence of a foreign object perched and entities that moved outside. There he decided to take his knife with the intention of leaving, but he immediately lost his strength, as if he had received some kind of shock.

Another case of a witness who took a rifle in his hands, and without actually using it, immediately received the response of the compact beam.

The latter starts from the UFO or its Entities, and usually even hits the witnesses, generating secondary effects (burns, irritations, etc).

Discrimination gives us:

UFO witness shooting cases = 2

Cases of witnesses who took weapons for shooting but were neutralized before = 3

Cases of witnesses who took bladed weapons but were neutralized = 4

Artistic representation of the magazine «Cíclope (Spain) of the episode of July 19, 1968 in Tapalqué stream (Buenos Aires Province). Members of the 2nd Regiment of Armored Cavalry Shooters «General Paz» arrived at the scene due to complaints and would have fired shots against some humanoid figures near the UFO, immediately receiving a response of beams of light that momentarily paralyzed them. (C.Ferguson)


The response of the phenomenon also occurs in the cases of witnesses who approach the phenomenon (even without aggression or defense on their part).

That answer comes in two ways:

A – The Compact Light Beam

B – An “invisible force” (so named by the witnesses), which prevents them from advancing.

We have 12 events of these characteristics. In 5 of them the «invisible force» occurs in the 50 meters, 60 meters (2), 70 meters and 100 meters.

An «invisible force» also acts on witnesses when they approach UFOs. (C. Ferguson)


Of the 95 reports of paralysis, there are 29 that correspond to PARTIAL PARALYSES. I have detailed this in the following graph:

Specifying this item further we find:

Unspecified Partial Paralysis = 0

In Legs = 10

Arms = 2

Face = 1

talk = 1

“Invisible Force” = 7

Here I have decided to include as partial paralysis the calls by the witnesses «Invisible Force», which does not allow them to move forward.


In the cases of Paralysis we have 22 reports of witnesses attended by doctors, after experiencing the light effect or the phenomenon itself.

Burns, eye irritation, temporary loss of speech, and strong shocks were generated in most of them.

There were 4 hospitalizations in Hospitals or Health Centers (we are only talking about the paralysis, since in the 577 total cases of UFO effects in Argentina, we have many more complaints of hospitalizations, and this will be the subject of another work).

Several of these witnesses were left with temporary or prolonged sequelae.

The impression of some of these people is something that lasts longer, beyond the physical.

The case of Ángel Morassi (June 21, 1980 in Arequito, Santa Fe), is one of the classic events of remembered effects in Argentina. Here are images of the excellent research carried out by the late researcher Luis Reinoso.


The UFOs reported in Witness Paralysis have these shapes:

Disks = 23 data / Spheres = 9 data / Elongated = 3 data

They are percentages similar to all the statistics of Argentina, with discoidal objects in the majority.
The clarification is that we are talking about generally SOLID objects with carrier luminosities.

Regarding the colors detected in the UFOs (and discriminated in all cases and in decreasing order), we have:

Red = 13 data / White = 7 data / Light blue = 6 data / Multicolor = 5 data / Blue = 5 data / Yellow = 5 data / Green = 3 data / Orange = 1 data / Violet = 1 data

The discoidal forms are the ones that appear mostly in the cases of Argentina. Image of the case of January 3, 1975 in Las Grutas (RIO NEGRO – ARGENTINA), with the enlargement of the photograph of a body approximately 10 meters in diameter.


A – The PARALYSIS generated by the phenomenon, can be both from the UFO and from HUMANOID FIGURES (associated or not).

B – In 57% of the total PARALYSIS cases, we find these humanoid figures present.

C – In the studies carried out, the paralysis logically occurs from 1 to 10 meters away, but there is a second crest of 50 or more meters.

D – The paralysis (Akinesia) are mostly total, and very fleeting in duration. As soon as the phenomenon recedes, the witnesses recover their ability to move, albeit gradually.

E – The vast majority of cases of paralysis in witnesses occur due to the action of the COMPACT BEAM OF LIGHT. This may come from what we define as a UFO as by HUMANOID figures.

F – In some cases, witnesses do not measure the consequences of certain attacks against the phenomenon, or defense. The same happens with close-ups by observers, which can generate unwanted effects.

G – In almost 40% of all paralysis cases, we find additional effects: EM (electromagnetic), TRACES and ANIMALS (in one case the paralysis also affected an animal).

H – The phenomenon does not always have actions without unpleasant effects on witnesses. Those who argue otherwise have never examined the data and the Argentine casuistry in this regard.

I – Although most of the effects of Paralysis are the product of the reckless approach of the witness (or his aggression or attempt to do so), a situation that many do not like should not be ruled out: there are actions of the phenomenon that are at some point aggressive, striking and disconcerting. This in a small proportion of cases. The possible hypothesis that this is the product of a misinterpretation of the phenomenon does not seem to conform to reality.

J – As K.Gosta Rehn pointed out some time ago: “We cannot accurately estimate to what extent the damage and symptoms (caused by UFOs) are attributable to radioactive radiation, infrared, ultraviolet, laser or microwave radiation. Neither radiologists nor medical specialists have paid attention to the radiation coming from UFOs.» (QUOTE 8)

K – The possible radiation of microwaves not only generates a physical effect but also a psychological one of great magnitude.

L – Dr. Daniel Makravis has pointed out that in such UFO episodes (paralysis) “the tone of the posture is not affected, the subject maintains his balance and does not fall. The heart is not affected either. In other words, he concluded that the akinesia associated with the UFO phenomenon must act on the central nervous system. (QUOTE 9)

M – It is noteworthy that in the 70s, first Christiane Piens (QUOTE 10) and her Belgian compatriots Guy Vanackeren and Francis Windey (QUOTE 11) – later – argued that most of the physiological effects (nausea, headaches, etc.) that witnesses suffer during or after an encounter with UFOs, would be due to the nervous trauma generated by the observation. Vanackeren and Windey, mentioned that the witness “feels fascinated by the presence of a Phenomenon that exceeds the limits of what is understandable, being able to generate in it, a state of hypnosis or sophronization, that is, a modification of the state of consciousness of the subject. Hence, the witness was surprised by what was observed”. This would imply sleep problems, hallucinations, loss of notion of time and space, etc. Perhaps this can be explained in some events, but there are others in the Argentine casuistry that do not seem to correspond. Especially when the witnesses do not fully notice the phenomenon (a rural witness inside his home), and believe that what happens abroad may be the product of rustlers, and when taking a weapon (without having gone outside), they suffer the immediate action of partial or complete paralysis, verifying later – by the way – that said action was associated with a UFO / HUMANOID presence (or both). On the other hand, these effects seem to occur generally in cases over land. In my file of all the cases of Pilots in Argentina, paralysis effects similar to those on land are not detected.

“We cannot accurately estimate the extent to which the damage and symptoms (caused by UFOs) are attributable to radioactive radiation, infrared, ultraviolet, laser or microwave rays. Neither radiologists nor medical specialists have paid attention to radiation from UFOs.» (K. Gosta Rehn)


It is unfortunate that there are few national studies on these phenomena, and even more so, that the physically and psychologically affected witnesses have not received due attention from the competent authorities. Many of them have had major sequelae.

Since 2017 and at the official level in Argentina, the CIAE organization (Aerospace Identification Center) (QUOTE 12), does not take these episodes into account (or 98% of the variables of the phenomenon), and this seems to enjoy the passivity of the overwhelming majority of the Argentine ufological community, which says nothing about it. Only a handful of people are denouncing these things.

The inefficiency, ignorance and prejudice that exists today in the aforementioned official body, and the apathy and priority of diffusion of «scoops» by the majority of the UFO participants in Argentina, play against when the witnesses receive the corresponding support.

It is bizarre to note that many UFO disseminators in Argentina prioritize their speeches about or against foreign authorities (call it the Pentagon, NASA, CIA, NORAD, FBI, etc.), and look with disdain or have deathly silence on what happens in our own place.

At this very moment, an occasional witness in Argentina, can experience the UFO presence, and suffer some consequences of the effects that we have reviewed. And it will be left to its own devices, while only the photos with “bird droppings on windshields” are highlighted.

It is no longer a matter of whether or not a technical fact is taken into account in an official office.

We are concerned about the other, because for those of us who investigate, we have seen and talked face to face with these people and we were able to feel the consequences and sequelae in this type of case.

Anyone who claims to be an «investigator» has a responsibility in this regard, and in this case – at least – is to point out that these events continue to occur without official attention being paid to them.

Nothing better than closing this note, once again with the very accurate quote from Dr.J.Vallée, who tells us about it:

“The first responsibility of the investigator is towards the witness and not towards the UFO phenomenon. The average witness is in a state of shock because they have had a very traumatic experience, which will change their lives…the witness needs more immediate help as a human being who is totally confused by a disturbing experience. Unfortunately this item has been removed. Most UFO researchers try to appear «professional» so they ignore the human aspect, and consequently their own ethical obligations. I want to convince my friends who are in UFO research that we never have a choice between getting interesting information about UFOs and giving a chance to the life of a human being; there we must forget the UFO information.”

Charles Ferguson

The author: He the first advisor to the Argentine Air Force (2011 to 2017) in Ufology. Carlos Ferguson works in the Logistics areas of the Ministry of Education (Province of Buenos Aires – Argentina), and administrative tasks. He is also a professor of artistic drawing and has been dedicated to researching the UFO topic for 48 years, when, being a non-believer, had a close encounter no more than 35 meters away with a disc-shaped UFO. He has courses in Satellite Technology, Remote Sensing and Geographic Information Systems. Author of 7 books and the largest compilation of landing cases in Argentina, with classified events. He has also carried out studies on cases of pilots and UFOs in Argentina, as well as underwater objects and the most recent, on the physiological and electromagnetic effects on witnesses. Hundreds of talks and notes over almost 5 decades show him with a line of work adjusted to the parameters of statistics.



Prof.Oscar Uriondo – “The associated physiological effects”


Lic.Angel Díaz “Physiological effects in close encounters”, Ufo press no.17, July 1983.


Statement made by Dr. James MacDonald in the House Committee on Science and Astronautics, July 29, 1968.


Some of these experts in «records» affirm inaccuracies, in order to adapt what they maintain. An example is of someone who promotes in different media that: «In Argentina there are almost no abductions and that only occurs in the US.» He obviously has no idea of ​​the number of teleportations and cases, because he has never done any serious statistical gathering. The same thing happens when he talks about inconclusive constants, or about “records” that only exist in his head.


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The official group CIAE (Aerospace Identification Center) has not been able to offer an explanation for specific cases, such as the unidentified aircraft entered Argentine territory through Tierra del Fuego (Patagonia), from July 27 to 30, 2022 and captured by radar from Río Grande. The author of the note was the first civil adviser ufologist of the same, later adding 4 more colleagues. Through a device, the current owner of Ciae, demanded a specialization in images (since the focus of such an entity is now only the study of images of photos and videos). With that excuse we were displaced, placing in their place foreign advisers who also do not have that requirement. In Argentina, Ciae has some dialectical defenders in social networks, and some former ufologist like Alejandro Agostinelli and other characters who have been swarming in Ufology for years, without standing out in research or any theoretical work on them. The complaints about the inability of the Ciae have only been made by the undersigned and 3 other people, while the remaining UFO participants and disseminators from Argentina say nothing about it.