Por Carlos Ferguson (Argentina)

Article dedicated to ufologists, former ufologists and participants in the dissemination who do not delve into the casuistry or take the trouble to review it… and believe that the topic is «out of stock»

There are countless cases of UFO close-ups and near-collisions with conventional aircraft. This is perfectly documented in countless cases worldwide.

Professor Oscar Uriondo already exemplified this situation for us as one of the intentional components of the UFO phenomenon.

Precisely at this time we are also experiencing another situation, with the presence of artifacts of Chinese origin in various places and the demolition of some of them. I will refer to this below. And although we are not linking it to the UFO issue, it is good to add that information, since it confirms the issue of air insecurity with other trimmings.

The cases of near collisions with UFOs have nothing to do with the issue of balloons…

Near collisions represent 5 to 10% of all UFO cases, and show the coldness and temper of civil, commercial and military pilots, who are faced with an unforeseen situation: the direct approach towards the plane, for part of a UFO.

As for the UFO effects on planes in flight, they are around 20 to 25% of the total cases (in the Argentine Catalog of Pilot cases that I have made, the figure rises to 27%).

The notable Argentine analyst and colleague Lic. Ángel Díaz well points out:

«We must note that in a few cases there have been temporary alterations to the instruments, communications, etc., which can lead to a situation of risk.» (QUOTE 1)

Dr.Richard Haines (CITA 2), a world eminence in the field of astronautics and aviation, has spoken to us on countless occasions on the subject of air safety and Ufos.

Even though many insist on affirming that there are no witnesses more prepared for observation, pilots have a category that places them in privileged observers with respect to the rest.

In my work «Air Safety related to the Reports of Argentine Pilots before Unidentified Aerial Phenomena» (published in Spanish and English – QUOTE 3), I refer to some Argentine cases.

Here I briefly reproduce two national events.

Dr. RICHARD HAINES, an eminence in aeronautics, who has dedicated years of his life to the investigation and study of UFO and Air Safety cases. His analysis was ahead of time, and today the official organizations themselves ratify the need for awareness of the UFO presence in the skies.
The NARCAP page is the most informed about aeronautical cases. In our link is the link of it, with material collected over the years and the contribution of Dr.Richard Haines.


On November 21, 1965, Commander Domingo Longo and co-pilot Jorge Bassi were flying an “Aerolíneas Argentinas” flight in a Caravelle, ready to land at the Resistencia Airport (Chaco).

Being 10 kilometers away, Longo began to observe a luminous object that – at first – he thought could be another aircraft.

The problem arose because the strange light apparatus did not seem to stop and was on a complete collision course with the Caravelle.

The situation reached such a point that the UFO came to be only 100 meters in front of the plane. There, Commander Longo yelled at his companion «Watch (beware) that it hits us» !!.

Basi – reacting immediately – turned 30 degrees, heading 300, at an altitude of 2,100 meters. At the same time, the UFO ascended at a fantastic speed.

Upon descending, the operator of the control tower confirmed the observation and tremendous disappearance of the luminous object, as well as the mechanic of the machine.

Basi made strong statements:

«I have been flying since I was 18 years old, what we saw was something amazing, it came 100 meters closer to us and for a moment I thought it was going to crash into our aircraft» (end of quote)

Commander Domingo Longo and co-pilot Jorge Bassi, of the Aerolíneas flight in December 1965 over Chaco. It was a near miss avoided just in time. (C. Ferguson)


In the midst of a wave of cases in 1968, on June 18, Mr. Jorge Scassa Suter (with 25 years of flight experience), was taxiing in a Cessna 182 LV-ITR light aircraft from Villa Dolores to the province of Catamarca. He was accompanied by Mr. Rubén Andrawos (from the Arcor firm). They ascended to a height of more than 2,200 meters, on a clear-sky day. Everything went normally until 4:25 p.m., when they were at the height of the city of La Guardia (Catamarca).

Suddenly, in the upper right, they saw an unidentified flying object (it was literally a metal saucer with a dome) coming towards the Cessna. It was 1,000 meters away and at the same height, and they calculated its diameter to be 30 meters.

Scassa Suter tried to contact Córdoba Aero Control, but they did not respond, so he proceeded to call the Catamarca Airport Control Tower. Since the signals were almost inaudible, he only managed to place an air call to any plane or station that could pick him up.

The response came from the crew of an «Aerolíneas Argentinas» plane (flight 713), which had taken off from Córdoba bound for Resistencia (Chaco).

Suter was asked if an emergency had been declared or if the object threatened his safety, to which our pilot replied that they should stay on the same frequency.

The UFO followed its path unperturbed and stood in front of the nose of the aircraft, following the trajectory for a few seconds.

The moments of tension of both crew members were tremendous.

Suddenly, the UFO began to accelerate at a fantastic speed, heading north. Its acceleration was such that in seconds it was out of sight.

They had not recovered from this surprise, when they saw a black dot coming from the horizon, which, as it approached, revealed again the discoidal shape and the bluish-grey color of its metallic surface.

The strange device pounced on the plane, stopping a few meters from it and beginning to wobble for a few seconds, to move away again like the previous time, and this time, definitely.

Suter and Andrawos then landed at the Catamarca airport, where the operator of the Tower, the Director of Provincial Aeronautics and two other people were waiting for them. They discussed everything that had happened and their surprise was great when the next day an article appeared on the front page of the local newspaper detailing all the details they had narrated.

Other witnesses to the event were a driver and 3 passengers in a car traveling from Recreo to Chumbicha.

This case clearly shows us the control of the UFO phenomenon of a sequence that we can define in 6 instances:

initial approach

short follow up

collision approach


withering approach

definitive withdrawal

These two examples clearly demonstrate the impressive characteristics of near misses and UFO effects in flight.

The UFO pounced twice towards the Cesna 182, very close and in broad daylight. It was a domed metal saucer that wobbled before moving away.


As Carl Jung rightly points out in his “Flying Saucers; a modern myth of things seen in the skies”, UFOs have special characteristics. He said:

«Their flights do not appear to be based on any recognizable system. They behave more like a group of tourists unsystematically observing the landscape, stopping now here for a while, now there, erratically following first one interest and then another, at sometimes shooting themselves at enormous altitudes for inexplicable reasons, or performing acrobatic evolutions right under the noses of exasperated pilots. (end of quote)

By the way, “explanations” arose from deniers who tried to limit the issue of aerospace UFOs to plasmas.

For example, Persinger and Philip Klass himself attributed these electrical and pressure effects to intense magnetic fields generated by the pressure of the movements of the tectonic plates, which would produce luminous balls of plasma of short duration (15 to 20 seconds).

Dr. Haines well points out that none of them has been able to explain how such a phenomenon can travel to high layers of the atmosphere and how that plasma can be sustained for an extended period of time.

Once again – as in so many other cases about UFOs – one thing is possible, and another is probable.

UFO captured by radar in the Belgian Wave. Some detractors on duty believed they saw in this the adventures of the F-117. A simple look at the casuistry collapses such speculation.


By the way, there are people with little or no information (without reviewing the literature), who – perched in some official office – believe they know more than others who have dedicated years to the issue, and point out inaccuracies and erroneous judgments.

The head of Argentina’s CIAE (aerospace «identification» center), is one of them. In some journalistic statement he has stated:

«There is not a single country in the world that has officially stated that these phenomena constitute a risk to the safety of air operations» (end of quote).

It is clear that the lack of information leads him to commit such slips, and it seems that his new advisers (without a specialization degree in images) do not illustrate it too much either.

Expanded budgets and more resources are useless, if from the start, the position is NOT TO INVESTIGATE and give brief reviews of a few cases from a seat. We are facing data that could well fit into the study of an official office in charge of aerospace, but to address the issue there can be no deep-rooted beliefs or dogmas and criteria and objectivity must prevail.

In contrast to such a DISCURSIVE fallacy of the CIAE, we have two clear examples of countries that have indicated the opposite, and that – anyone really interested in the subject – should already have read.

The CIAE (Aerospace «identification» Center) of Argentina, a personalist office that frequently misinforms the press on the UFO issue. From NO INVESTIGATION everything is valid to try to «invalidate» as sentences. They are not even up to date on what the Pentagon has been saying for 3-4 years, talking about UFO reality and «unknown technological capabilities».


The «Comet» (FRANCE) was carried out by an infinity of scientific, technical and military personalities of that country. And it makes a clear allusion to the issue of air safety in its section on pilot cases.

There he mentions that:

“The number of testimonies and the quality of the witnesses make it impossible to avoid the phenomenon, which is why aeronautical personnel, and more especially that of the defense, must be sensitized and prepared to face these situations.

If we did nothing, the very principle of air defense and information would again be called into question.

The first observations made by aviators date back to the early 1940s. Since then, the number of unexplained observations reported by pilots or controllers has risen to more than 500.

Who is involved? Air personnel: more specifically pilots, since, being civilian or military, they occupy a privileged place to observe and would be the first to be affected in the event of an incident (particularly risk of collision). That is especially true for the fighter pilot, because he is involved in relentless monitoring of the sky and has increasingly powerful weapon systems, capable of detecting small targets ever faster and at ever greater distances.

The pilot/weapon system combination is more than ever an excellent observation tool, and would be our first means of intervention, should the need arise. The concerns of the regular airline pilot are different, since, in addition to not having the same equipment, his priority is obviously the safety of his passengers; and although he remains a privileged ally in the search for information, he would be completely helpless in the face of an aggressive attitude from a UFO.» (end of quote)

The news of encounters between pilots and UFOs are constant throughout the world. In some cases, problematic situations are generated, which must be considered by any serious official body.

As noted, the Comet does not evade the issue of collision risk. But it goes further, and warns about the need for awareness:

“In order for the aeronautical personnel to get involved, it is necessary to know how to interest them in the subject and for that the best thing is to inform them about the phenomenon, specify what they expect, define the reflex actions to have and the attitude that they must observe. It is necessary to overcome the fear of ridicule and involve all generations.

If you want staff to get involved, they need to know how to react instantly, communicate what and to whom, take appropriate action depending on the current situation, etc. It is in this objective that it is convenient to define with him the actions that must be applied and the attitude that must be adopted”. (end of quote)

El Cometa also mentions the event of Commander Polanco (July 31, 1995 – Argentina) as an example of expertise in an unexpected situation, as follows:

“It is necessary to instill in the personnel, when faced with the phenomenon, the reflex actions that they must have, knowing that they may not be more than a simple observer or, in some cases, have to adopt concrete measures (example of San Carlos de Bariloche: sudden shutdown of the runway lights in the middle of the UFO phenomenon). It is quite true that in order to remain master of the situation in the face of an unforeseen and poorly known event, it is best to be prepared. These reflex acts are of different types depending on whether it is about observing, recording a testimony, transmitting the information collected or reacting instantly to adopt the appropriate measures before the phenomenon. (“Reflex Acts” – Comet Report)

Commander Jorge Polanco with the author of the article. The French Comet report highlights him for his experience in facing an unexpected situation in the presence of a UFO. (C. Ferguson Archive)


But without a doubt, recent information from the Pentagon (the headquarters of the Department of Defense of the world’s greatest power) is forceful regarding the issue of air safety and UFOs.

There we were able to find out about the tense situation experienced by naval pilots in the face of the UFO proximity (including some of them stating that it is a matter of time to have a serious problem in flight due to this situation).

The Pentagon has spread that its events bring together 510 reports, many of which are of objects flying over «sensitive military spaces.»

Without referring to the question of origin, as expected, the Pentagon fully ratifies the existence of UFOs and goes further to point out that «it has no explanation for the numerous observations.» By the way, this is a tacit recognition of the witnesses of all times and places who have denounced having seen a UFO.

The report also notes that in some cases there are «unusual flight characteristics or performance capabilities.»

And here the most important and compelling:

“Events continue to occur in restricted or sensitive airspace, raising potential concerns about flight safety or information-gathering activity by adversaries” (Office of the Director of National Intelligence).

Finally, that office added that, by publishing reports of objects that may pose a threat, it caused «additional reports» to emerge.

In short: we are facing very clear statements regarding air safety and UFOs, and it is impossible and unjustifiable not to be aware of this information, even without being interested in Ufology.

The Pentagon, the most important defense agency in the world, has ratified the existence of UFOs and is spreading cases without explanation to date. (Image by David Mark)


The «Comet» directly, and the Pentagon peripherally, are pointing out a key fact, which should be a priority.

It is necessary to teach the air personnel about the reality of certain situations that arise in the airspace.

Not surprisingly, the French report states:

“Faced with an unknown situation, it is necessary to avoid any instinctive self-defense reaction that could easily be interpreted as a provocation. Once a phenomenon has been verified, it is convenient to report it in order to alert, on the one hand, the other crews, which is generally practiced, and on the other, the authorities through the operational chain of air control, for civil traffic, and air defense, for the military”.

The COMETA Report (France), an example of serious work with forceful definitions.
Most of the cases compiled in the Cometa Francés report came from the SEPRA study. There it is verified that the vast majority of UFO cases took place in good visibility and weather conditions, which demolishes the dogmatic denialist positions that attribute these events to confusion.

It is totally unjustifiable that any official aerospace body does not take this information into account, or disparages it, imagining that we are talking about «Martians» or «aliens», and not doing anything about it.


1 – The reality of air insecurity cases is unquestionable, through time and at all latitudes (see list of cases below).

2 – It is noted that the phenomenon seems to have (in many cases), full control of the situation. In others, it is the pilots themselves and their expertise that prevent a possible collision.

3 – The characteristics observed and detected by pilots and air traffic controllers on these UFOs show them with anomalous characteristics in many cases, in the ranges: speed – maneuverability – evasiveness – effects – appearance, etc.

4 – These follow-up events, near misses and various effects represent a challenge for every analyst and research body. The Pentagon itself (in statements by spokespersons) has confirmed its concern over various events, warning of any problematic situation in the future.

5 – The statements of the head of the CIAE (aerospace “identification” center) of Argentina, affirming before the press that: “There is not a single country in the world that has officially affirmed that these phenomena constitute a risk to the security of the air operations” (end of quote), is the product of a complete ignorance of international and Argentine material on the matter and of a biased “advice”. No minimally informed person could sustain such a «sentence», unless they are not aware of what is happening. It is not the first time that a handful of colleagues have been pointing out and denouncing this, in the face of the passivity and silence of a large majority of complicit disseminators. Not investigating UFOs does not exempt someone who claims to be a student of aerospace phenomena, from being “up to date” on recent information, and from examining all the existing literature on hundreds of cases with these characteristics. UFO claims cannot be excluded from aerospace just by dogma.

6 – The aforementioned situation shows a regrettable vacuum of awareness in Argentina. From the moment that «explanation of all cases» is insinuated (contrary to everything that happens at the international level), we are faced with a remarkable inconsistency. As the French Comet Report points out: «If we did nothing, the very principle of defense and air information would once again be questioned.» This is precisely what happens in Argentina and its official entity from 2016 onwards. An area without answers, riddled with prejudice and misinformation.

7 – A PROTOCOL for pilots and airmen in general is fundamental and a priority, which contemplates all these possibilities. We have a basic Protocol but today there is no possibility that it will be officially taken into account in Argentina, so we will work on it with entities from other countries. Not doing so implies an irresponsibility that no authority can assume, unless their actions and thoughts date back to the 50s.

The head of the CIAE of Argentina continues in his sea of ​​misinformation, stating that «there is not a single country that has officially affirmed that these phenomena constitute a risk to the safety of air operations.» Recent information from the Pentagon contradicts such a thing, and already the French Comet Report of 1999 as well. It is about being well informed and advised. While the armchair «investigation» continues, even from the CIAE no comments have been issued regarding the repeated incursion of «unidentified aircraft from July 26 to 30, 2022 (above). The office that has «resolved» the 100 % of cases, you will surely be able to explain this one shortly.


And as if this were not enough, at the time of finishing this article, we found out about the issue of Chinese balloons and demolition.

On February 2, 2023, the North American Defense Department detected the presence of an observation balloon-type object of unknown origin. In a short time it was possible to discover its origin: China. Its trajectory was followed by the Montana Territory, and on February 4 it was shot down. The Pentagon decided to shoot it down once it was out of drop range on the town.

On February 3, the United States reported that a second surveillance balloon was flying over Latin America. This was confirmed from two countries: Colombia and Costa Rica.

In turn, voices of detractors had already arisen, asking how they could know that they were Chinese. The answer was given by the Chinese government itself: a spokesperson for that country acknowledged «The balloon is ours» and pointed out that it is not a question of espionage but of a civil airship used for research for meteorological purposes. He further stated that «it went a long way due to the winds». The problem with this statement is that then more objects began to be seen elsewhere. The remains of the balloon were recovered by US forces in the South Carolina area.

On Friday the 10th, a second object was shot down over Deadhorse (Alaska).

On Saturday the 11th, a third object was shot down over Canadian territory (Yukon). Canadian Defense Minister Anita Anand indicated that the device was flying over the northwest of the country at an altitude of 12,000 meters, posing a threat to civil aviation. It was finally shot down by the United States Air Force, which was operating together with Canadian CF-18s under the orders of NORAD (North American Aerospace Defense Command).

Finally, on Sunday the 12th, the United States Army shot down another flying body over Lake Huron.

It is important to clarify that the characteristics of these last cases differ in the description of a balloon. There is talk of cylindrical bodies the size of a car (we are in the process of investigating a similar event in Argentina in 2022).

Be that as it may, these incidents are in addition to those of UFOs that exist worldwide. Therefore, who from the official speculates that there are no issues of air insecurity, can only be admitted in an uninformed or negligent.

The initial Chinese balloon (above), which was shot down hours later over North American territory and whose remains were recovered above the waters.


It is essential to inform and disseminate what is confirmed by world-class entities, about the reality not only of the UFO phenomenon as such, but also in terms of the derivations of air safety.

Unfortunately in Argentina, that responsibility falls to the few ACTIVE ufologists (we do not exceed 7).

The CIAE official personnel office will never undertake a change with the current approach, when from a seat only some selective information is «analyzed», and without review of literature or full investigation.

A part of the disseminators are comfortable with their silence of not playing with anything, except to attack the ufologists themselves who move the fret of the seat to point out things. For them it is much easier to talk about Condon, the concealment of the US and other herbs, but to silence what happens in their own home, in a proof of cowardice and forceful passivity.

Disinformation is an ally of both (the official bureaucracy and the opportunism of a part of the disseminators).

It is the responsibility of every researcher to offer an alternative to such a situation.

Our next challenge is to be attentive to high-level global entities, which little by little will continue to provide information on facts that for more than 70 years have never been as accepted as they are now.



A review of 145 events (there are countless cases and it is impossible to cite them all), appear as an Annex below. They are very synthesized so as not to tire the reader, but each one of them has more information and data that is on file.

This material is part of one of my books, «ENCOUNTERS BETWEEN PILOTS AND UFOs», and although the subject of air safety also concerns approaches and/or monitoring of UFOs on planes, I have only included here the cases of near misses and/or or damages to the instruments coincidentally with the observation of a UFO.

In my book I have compiled all the Argentine aeronautical cases and more than 600 internationally

But beyond this book, there are countless others and sources available, so that everyone interested (and also the uninformed on duty), can begin to see about these cases. In a globalized world of information, there are no excuses for not doing it, unless you don’t want to.

From the list of cases that appear at the end of the note, we can extract this synthesis:

86 near miss events

22 radar captures

16 cases of UFOs avoiding the collision

21 cases of expertise of pilots to avoid the collision

12 cases of fear / terror / panic of the crews

2 cases of teleportation

6 cases of death or disappearance

3 cases of hospitalized witnesses

4 cases of injuries

3 cases of heat wave in the airplane cabin

2 cases of burning smell in the airplane cabin

Of the near collisions, it is interesting to notice in 12 cases, the distances that separated the UFO from the conventional terrestrial object, namely:

at 1 meter = 2 cases

at 6 meters = 1 case

at 10 meters = 2 cases

at 15 meters = 2 cases

at 20 meters = 1 case

at 91 meters = 1 case

at 100 meters = 2 cases

at 150 meters = 1 case

And 67 cases of cases with EFFECTS, namely:

All the electrical part of the airplane controls was destroyed


Disruption in the radial system.

Three bars in the cockpit were completely altered.

Smell of burnt cable

Aircraft engine revs began to increase

The normal and electric compasses went completely crazy.

All power to one base was cut (including the emergency generator set).

Effects on radio and radar, on aircraft engine power, and turboprops.

Plane without electrical power, also turning off the radio and the secondary generator

Automatic radio direction finder stopped working and the radio link was cut.

“Creepy” shaking.

Static on all frequencies (onboard lights dimmed and compass turned 30 degrees).

Instrument disturbances.

Disabling of the radial system.

Stopping aircraft engines for seconds.

Interference called “frequency fading”.

Defective cockpit instruments.

radio stopped working

radio interference

Interference in communications.

The plane’s radio and compasses stopped working.

Override on all instruments (except compass)

Radio interference.

700 Meter Teleport – Radio transmitter affected.

disturbed communications

Stoppage of the plane’s engine, with a sudden fall of 150 meters

Airport communications suffered interference (radars included), Teleportation slight

Smell of burnt cable.

Total blackout in the electrical power of a base.

crazy instrumental

Strong vibration and nosedive – gyro went «crazy»

strong turbulence

Defense system neutralizes fighter jet projectiles

Electrical effects on various jets

airplane lights went out

Radio compass had an oscillation that went from 0.05 degrees to 270 degrees and the horizontal indicator was also showing problems

Light beam generates pilot effect

Unusual anomalies in your instruments

They jammed the defense systems of the F-16s

All electrical systems began to fail

Problems in the control tower instruments.

radio interference

Extreme magnetic variations in gyroscope and magnetic compass

blackout effects

Radial interference and momentary effect on motor

radio interference

Static effect on the pilot’s head.

The automatic direction finder and gyro and magnetic compasses went haywire and spun wildly. All the management team did not work.

electrical failure at airport

Aircraft enters two quick 360° turns, dropping 500 feet – Magnetic compass rotated clockwise – Radar pickup from ground.

Heat wave inside the plane and effect on the radio beacon.

Technical failures that prevented launching the missiles

Airport suffered blackout

Momentary interference in aircraft radar visors

radio interference

Strong effects on autopilot and all three compasses.

Oscillation in your compass radio and reduced cabin lights – Static noise.

Radar on the plane did not work

One of the transponders stopped working.

Magnetic compass on the panel rotated counterclockwise at a rate of four revolutions per minute.

The magnetic compass and automatic direction finder began to rotate. The radio intercept was jammed by static and the engine started to run rough. Captured on ground radar.

The Distance Measurement Equipment and the navigation and communications radios are turned off.

Effects on airplane radio compass.

The altimeter «went crazy.»

Plane loses power temporarily. The engine sputtered and all electrical equipment, including computers, went out.

The radar was jammed for a brief period of time.

It should be noted that the effects in flight are simultaneous to the appearance of the UFO(s) and that these effects culminate moments after their departure. There are no coincidences in this.

After reading these changes, it is very clear that air personnel must be aware and prepared for situations like the ones mentioned above, and only someone uninformed could argue that there are no air insecurity events to review.

In the list that readers will find below, we warn that UFO effects and near-collisions in airspace have been occurring for decades, in all types of crew and different aircraft and conventional media. That is to say: all countries and people of all socio-cultural conditions have had these episodes.

The effects generated in flight are produced in the presence of the UFO and disappear immediately upon its disappearance. It is not a set of coincidences. (C. Ferguson)


August 28, 1945: Iwo Jima (JAPAN): C-46 plane – UFO creates panic situation.

August 4, 1947: Bethel, Alaska (USA): Pilots J.Peth and V.Daly in DC-3 – UFO on a collision course.

January 7, 1948: Godman Air Force Base, Kentucky (USA): The well-known case of Pilot Mantell, chasing a gigantic UFO. The event ended tragically, crashing the plane.

The first tragic case, the death of Cap.Thomas Mantell, chasing a gigantic UFO over Indianapolis

October 1, 1948: Fargo Airfield, North Dakota (USA): Pilot George Gorman in F-51 – UFO on collision course.

May 6, 1949: Moscow (RUSSIA): Pilot Apraksin – UFO in near collision – All the electrical part of the plane’s controls was destroyed – Pilot lands and is hospitalized for two and a half months.

December 4, 1949: Louisiana (USA): Flight C-47 AF 5566 (USAF pilots Whitker, McDavid and C.Thomas) – UFO near collision.

April 27, 1950: Hachinohe (JAPAN): Crew of F-80C aircraft avoided collision with UFO that was on its course.

May 29, 1950: Washington Airport (USA): DC-6 plane of «American Airlines» avoided collision with UFO.

September 13, 1950: Effingham, Illinois (USA): Private plane pilot Frye avoided collision with 3 red lights out in a triangle formation.

August 27, 1951: Vandalia, Illinois (USA): Private pilot Raymond Williams – UFO near collision.

February 20, 1952: Mt. Diablo, California (USA): Cap.John Watkins (pilot) and Cap.Richard Montgomery (co-pilot) of a B-25 – UFO on a collision course.

August 22, 1952: California (USA): Pilot Irvin – Two approaching UFOs generate turbulence.

December 4, 1952: Laredo (USA): Pilot in an F-51 Mustang – UFO rushes towards the plane and brushes the right wing – Pilot in shock and hospitalized.

December 10, 1952: Hanford Atomic Plant, Washington (USA): F-94 patrol plane – large UFO with illuminated windows. Several times the plane altered course because a collision seemed imminent. The pilots – trained with excellent reputations – were totally taken aback by the apparition.

January 27, 1953: Mather AFB, California (USA): T-29 pilots – Five UFOs, one of which approached the plane on a collision course, but ended up moving away later.

September 2, 1953: Sidi Slimane Air Base (MOROCCO): C-47 crew – UFO near collision and escort. He did 3 180 and 90 degree turns before disappearing.

November 23, 1953: Kimross Air Base, Michigan (USA): UFO captured on radar – An F-89 is sent (pilots Félix Moncla and radarist R.Wilson) – Collision occurs (the remains were never found) .

March 5, 1954: Nouasseur (MOROCCO): Crews of KC-97 d aircraft

Mantell, Moncla and Valentich. Three cases that tragically ended in an approach to a UFO (Image file C.Ferguson)

April 14, 1954: Long Beach, California (USA): United Airlines Flight 193 – UFO in near collision – Pilot J.Schidel makes a sudden maneuver to avoid the crash. One crew member suffered a broken leg, and others fell to the ground.

May 18, 1954: Lake Elsinore, California (USA): F3D-2 aircraft under the command of RAF squadron leader Donald R. Higgin – UFO on collision course.

July 1, 1954: Griffith Air Force Base, N.York (USA): Discoidal UFO – An F-94 Starfire is sent to intercept – Heat wave inside the cabin. – Pilot ejects but watches terrified as the plane falls over the town of Walesville, collapsing against a car, where a couple and their two children died in the tragedy. There were several injuries.

October 4, 1954: Southend on Sea, Essex (GREAT BRITAIN): Pilot Lieutenant James Saladin in twin-engine jet fighter Gloster Meteor Mark 8. – Discoidal UFO on collision course.

December 23, 1954: Nogales, Arizona (USA): Pilot of an F-86D had visual and radar contact with an unknown object for 40 minutes. Momentary interference was noted in radar sights on both the F-86D and USAF 684th AC&W Squadron at Davis-Monthan

January 2, 1955: Punto San Juan (VENEZUELA): Venezuelan airline Aeropost piloted by famous pilot Darío Celis and crew – Metallic discoidal UFO generates an effect on the plane’s radio.

January 29, 1955: Des Moines, Iowa (USA): Air National Guard pilots (A. Packer and D. Myers) in a T-33A jet – UFO on a direct collision course and avoided at the last moment by this same. The pilots described it as an object that used highly maneuverable tactics.

February 1, 1955: Cochise, Arizona (USA): Several pilots in TB-25 – Metallic discoidal UFO – Radio interference.

February 2, 1955: E/Maiquetía and Mérida (COLOMBIA) 11:15 am: Captain Darío Celis and co-pilot B. Cortés in an “Aeropost Airlines” plane. Discoidal UFO on collision course – There was an interruption in the radial system.

March 24, 1955: Ryukyu Islands (JAPAN): Two pilots (instructor and student) in Beechcraft plane – Discoidal UFO with three windows – None of the instruments worked and the engine sputtered. Panicking, the instructor pilot dived to miss the intruder.

June 4, 1955: Parker, Arizona (USA): 1st Lt. B.E.Beecroft in a T-33 – UFO generated extreme magnetic variations in its magnetic compass and gyroscope.

June 23, 1955: Utica, N.York (USA): Pilots of a DC-3 of the «Mohawk Airlines» – Elliptical UFO almost collided with the plane, passing only 150 meters.

January 31, 1956: Bedford, Indiana (USA): Lieutenant Colonel Lee Merkel on maintenance flight. – UFO captured on radar approaching the plane, which appeared crashed shortly after.

February 17/18, 1956: Orly Airport (FRANCE): gigantic UFO captured on radar, with «fantastic and impossible» maneuvers – DC-3 airliner was hit by the object and the pilot avoided the collision. There were other planes that reported it.

April 8, 1956: Syracuse, New York (USA): Pilot in airliner – UFO blocked the plane’s path and then disappeared at high speed.

May 22, 1956 – Monroe, Louisiana (USA): USAF officer Earl D. Holwadel in a T-33 jet and another officer – UFO with dome and lights heading straight for plane then moving away at high altitude speed with «fantastic» maneuverability.

August 17, 1956: Azores (AZORES): DC-4 pilots must take evasive action against an approaching UFO.

August 21, 1956: Hamilton Air Force Base, California (USA): F-89D plane piloted by Robert C. Morelli – UFO intercepted moving away – Radar on the plane did not work.

January 16, 1957: Lubbock, Texas (USA) 8:00 p.m.: Crews of 2 USAF B-25s (pilots Wright, Davis and Kaplan) – UFO generates effects on the radio compass

March 9, 1957: Jacksonville, Florida (USA): Pilots Matthew Van Winkle, Dion Taylor and John Washuta in a Pan American DC-6A – UFO on a collision course. Apparent crash avoided by the pilot – Passengers are thrown from their seats due to the risky maneuver.

March 12, 1957: E/Buffalo and Albany (USA): Crew members of a DC-10 plane – In the presence of a UFO, three compasses in the cockpit were completely altered.

March 27, 1957: Roswell, New Mexico (USA): USAF pilot (Lieutenant Sontheimer) flying a C-45 transport – Three UFOs on a collision course. One of them went straight to the plane and then disappeared together with the rest.

September 4, 1957: Route Granada – Córdoba – Portalegre (SPAIN / PORTUGAL): Pilots of four F84G fighters from the Portuguese Air Force – Larger UFO fires other smaller ones that pounced on the planes – Tense situation for 40 minutes. The Coimbra meteorological observatory recorded «extraordinary» magnetic variations

Oct 21, 1957: Warwickshire, ENGLAND: RAF Flying Officer DW Sweeney (flying Meteor fighter plane) nearly collided with a slow moving UFO with lights – Caught on radar at Langtoft Station of the R.A.F.

November 4, 1957: C / Araranguá (BRAZIL): Captain Jean Beyssac in a C-46 of «Varig»- In the presence of a UFO, the smell of burning began to be felt in the cabin, until he moved away.

Monday May 5, 1958: San Carlos (URUGUAY): Pilot Carlos Rodríguez in Pipper plane – UFO generated heat in the cabin.

August 31, 1958: Flight Machagay / Resistencia, Chaco (ARGENTINA): Civilian pilot Raúl López in Pipper P.A 11, registration LV-XJW – Metallic discoidal UFO with dome on a collision course. – Aircraft engine revolutions began to increase until the distance from the object.

The Machagay / Resistencia case is one of the most shocking in Argentina. In broad daylight, short distance and observation of a discoidal aircraft with a dome that was positioned in front of the aircraft’s nose on two occasions on a collision course.

November 3, 1958: North Carolina (USA): Crew of a KB-50 tanker plane – UFO on a collision course, which passed very close. Captured by the Usaf base in Pope for 20 minutes.

March 1959: Northeast Coast (JAPAN): USAF plane intercepts UFO firing missiles – Radar captures fusion of both points. No traces were ever found.

August 13, 1959: New Mexico (USA): Cessna 170 pilot. – Three UFOs surround the plane and the normal and electric compasses went completely crazy.

September 24, 1959: Redmond Airport, Oregon (USA): Six F-102 fighters intercept UFOs – There was a near collision.

1959: Mozambique (AFRICA): Pilot Celestiano Nuñez – UFO on a collision course.

May 1961: Rybinek (RUSSIA): metallic discoidal UFO detected on the base of launching anti-aircraft projectiles. Other objects came out from inside – Volleys of ground-to-air projectiles were fired. All power to the base was cut (including the emergency generator set).

July 4, 1961: Cleveland, Ohio (USA): UFO nearly collided with a plane flown by Ernie Stadvec. Suddenly, it ascended and disappeared. The Cleveland Control Tower reported that it had also seen the light and could not offer any explanation of what it was. (nicap)

April 20, 1964: McMurdo Sound Naval Base (USA – ANTARCTIC SECTOR): Pilot and 5 crew members in C 130 plane – Several UFOs in formation – Effects on radio and radar, on the power of the plane’s engines, and the turboprops.

August 1964: Big Sur, Vanderberg AFB st, California (USA): Robert Jacobs (Officer in Charge of the Photo-Optical Instrumentation Section in the 1369th Squadron) – UFO approach to a missile, which then it exploded.

August 18, 1964: Atlantic, Dover, ENGLAND: USAF Commander D.W. Thompson and the first pilot (First Lt. J.F. Jonke), in transport C-124 (no. 31007) – UFO on a collision course, which is not caused by the action taken by the pilot.

November 19, 1964: Northwestern Puerto Rico (PUERTO RICO): UFO approached an F-8. Pilot Lt Cmdr K.H.Woodsbury said: «Its speed, acceleration, ceiling and ability to decelerate, surpass any aircraft I have ever seen or heard of. There is no reasonable explanation for this target.» – During the encounter with the object, the SPS-49 radar was jammed for a short period of time.

January 3, 1965: Washington (USA): UFO pounced on passenger plane «Electra» – Terror of its crew.

January 3, 1965: McMurdo Sound Naval Base area (USA – ANTARCTIC SECTOR): A C 130 loses electrical power, also turning off the radio and the secondary generator in the presence of a UFO.

March 18, 1965: Shikoku (JAPAN): A «Convair 240» of the company «TOA Airlines» piloted by captain Yashika Inaba and co-pilot Tesu Umashima and with 28 passengers. – Before a UFO approach, the automatic direction finder stopped working and the radio link was cut.

June 1965: Punta Indio Naval Air Base, Buenos Aires (ARGENTINA): UFOs were captured on radar screens for several days, with military aircraft being followed and escorted. The head of the base Hugo Frontroth declared: «At the speed that there was no Jet that could do it. In the same way that they started, they stopped next to the plane and escorted it for a few seconds, and then they disappeared. Sometimes raising the radar antenna up to about 30 degrees they appeared at incredible heights, 40 or 50 thousand feet by radar. In this case I told the operator to point me towards the UFO and every time I was going to ram it, it would move to the side or move behind it”. – An official commission was formed to investigate the case.

In many cases, UFOs are captured on radar screens, as occurred several times at the Punta Indio Naval Air Base. In image, UFOs captured on US radar.

September 24, 1965: Lake Tequesquitengo (MEXICO): Pilot of the Cuautemoc Betanzos Mexican Airlines – UFO causes «terrifying» shakes.

November 21, 1965: Resistencia Airport (CHACO): The impressive case of Commander Domingo Longo and co-pilot Jorge Bassi on a flight of «Aerolíneas Argentinas» – UFO on a collision course reaching only 100 meters – The co-pilot turned quickly at 30 degrees, and there the UFO ascended at fantastic speed vertically in seconds. Picked up on radar.

February 2, 1966: E/Chiclayo and Lima (PERU): Crew of DC-4 of the aviation company “Fawcett” – Elliptical UFO causes static on all frequencies (onboard lights dimmed and compass turned 30 degrees).

February 8, 1966: Rio de Janeiro Airport (BRAZIL): Ken Armstrong (veteran Lockheed pilot), in a C-30 and 10 other pilots – UFO near collision.

April 29, 1966: Tebicuary River (PARAGUAY): Argentine civilian pilot Carlos Giúdice in “Beechcraft Bonanza” (License LV_AON) – Discoidal UFO in near collision.

May 21, 1966: Willow Grove, Pennsylvania (USA): Small plane with two pilots – discoidal domed UFO made a sharp turn and approached their plane on a collision course.

February 3, 1967: Balneario de Pucusana, c/Lima (PERU): Company plane “Fawcett” piloted by Captain J.Klein and all the crew – Discoidal UFO approaching the plane – Oscillation in its compass radio and all cabin lights dimmed. static noise. Crew fear.

March 1967: Ixtepec, Oaxaca (MEXICO): «Aviateca» plane from Guatemala – Captain Carlos Samvos and co-pilot Castañeda, plus passengers. It sowed panic in the crew – It happened only 20 meters from the plane – There were disturbances in the instruments.

June 9, 1967: Talavera Base, Badajoz (SPAIN): T-33 reactor pilots – UFO disables radio system.

September 29, 1967: Ukraine: Plane I.L 14 – Before a UFO approach, the plane’s engines stopped for seconds.

March 15, 1968: Canary Islands (SPAIN): Plane «Focker» of the Spantax company – UFO in near collision, causing great fear in the crew.

The excellent book of the late Dr.Smith (Dr.Joseph Allen Hynek’s right-hand man) has cases that the BLUE BOOK project tried to «explain». Smith shoots down such denier speculation masterfully.

June 18, 1968: Alt. La Guardia, Catamarca (ARGENTINA): Cessna aircraft manned by Jorge Suter and Ruben Andrawoss – Discoidal UFO with a metal dome, on a collision course – Positioned itself twice in front of the nose of the aircraft – Se produced an interference called “frequency fading”.

July 7, 1968: Seattle (USA): private pilot – UFO on collision course – cockpit instruments damaged.

August 22, 1968: W/Adelaide and Perth (AUSTRALIA): Piper Navajo plane piloted by W.Gardin and G.Smith – Several UFOs – Radio stopped working until they moved away at tremendous speed.

November 4, 1968: E/Barcelona and Alicante (SPAIN): Plane “Caravelle” (no. 249) of the company “Iberia” – Pilots Juan Torres and Juan García – UFO on collision course (only 10 meters away). Caught on radar – Torres said: “That night I couldn’t sleep. I haven’t stopped thinking about it all this time.»

June 5, 1969: E/Phoenix and Washington (USA): Pilot James Beardsley in «American Airlines» jet 707 (#112) with two other witnesses. – Four UFOs captured on radar and collision course, rose before the crash.

May 13, 1971: Villa Jiménez, Santiago del Estero (ARGENTINA): Pilot José Almonacid – UFO caused enigmatic interference in communications.

November 1972: Guri Dam (VENEZUELA): Pilots Blanco, O.Celli and D.Itriago in twin-engine – Several discoidal UFOs – The plane’s radio and compasses stopped working at the time of the encounter.

December 18, 1972: Beira, Mozambique (AFRICA): Pilots Gilberto Costa, co-pilot Nasi Pereira and Flight Officer Antonio Teixeira – Flight 737 of Mozambique Airlines DETA. – UFO on a collision course.

February 2, 1973: Ohura Beacon (NEW ZEALAND): Captain Peter Telling flying a Grand Commander – UFO on approach – Automatic direction finder and gyro and magnetic compasses went out of control and spun wildly. All the management team did not work.

March 1973: Marcos Juárez Airport, Córdoba (ARGENTINA): Vice Commodore Horacio Riciardelli (Argentine Air Force) was flying with another companion – UFO approaching caused cancellation of all instruments (except compass) – It was seen from the ground.

July 16, 1973: Islas Medes, Gerona (SPAIN): Commercial pilot in a small plane – UFO rising near the plane – Radio interference.

October 18, 1973: Mansfield, Ohio (USA): The famous case of Cap.Lawrence Coyne in a UH-IH helicopter from the US Reserve together with 3 other pilots (Ing.A.Jezzi, Sto. J.Healy and Sgt.R.Tanacseck) – UFO on collision course – 700 meter teleportation effect – Radio transmitter affected. Pilot Coyne gave testimony for him at the United Nations.

Captain Lawrence Coyne offered his testimony before the United Nations, of the impressive event that had him as the main protagonist. His helicopter suffered an unexplained effect.

March 13, 1974: Córdoba (ARGENTINA): Aerolíneas Argentinas plane flanked by two oval UFOs for minutes – Crew had a strong emotional impact.

November 1974: Caxias Do Sul Airport, Rio Grande do Sul (BRAZIL): Four Brazilian Air Force planes – UFO disturbed communications and was unsuccessfully pursued.

November 11, 1974: Between Pensacola and Mobile Bay (USA) Six Marine Reserve Squadron pilots in a T-39D Sabreliner – Approaching UFO suddenly and unexpectedly places itself in front of the nose of their plane.

November 28, 1974: Bt. DeKalb and Mendota, Illinois (USA): Private pilot notices that the magnetic compass on the panel was rotating counterclockwise at a rate of four revolutions per minute. – At the same time, the appearance of a discoidal UFO accompanying the plane for seconds, until it moved away at fantastic speed.

Thursday, December 5, 1974: Flight between Makallé and Bella Vista, Corrientes (ARGENTINA): Pilot Aníbal Ayerza Unzué in a small plane – UFO approaching caused the plane’s engine to stop, with a sudden drop of 150 meters. – Highly impressed witness.

May 3, 1975: Mexico International Airport (MEXICO): All Airport communications suffered interference (including radars) – Three UFOs simultaneously – Piper PA-24 plane (registration XB-XAU) was surrounded by objects at a very short distance (pilot Carlos Antonio de los Santos Montiel) – Plane teleported a few meters and landing gear in trouble.

September 25, 1975: Artigas (URUGUAY): Air Force FH 227 plane at the service of Pluna – Pilots and about 6 civilians and flight attendants. – UFO ascending in danger of collision (it was only 15 meters away). – The smell of burning cable was perceived in the cabin.

January 21 and 22, 1976: Cannon Air Force Base, New Mexico (USA): Several discoidal UFOs pursued by warplanes – Total power blackout.

March 3, 1976: Tours (FRANCE): Pilot Colonel Claude Bosc in a T.33. – UFO rising from the ground on a collision course (the pilot could only manage to release the rudder and hold his face with both hands), but he passed at a very short distance.

July 30, 1976: Portela do Sacavem Airport (PORTUGAL): UFO on a collision course with a plane, avoided at the last moment by the skill of pilot Carvelheiro.

August 13, 1976: Between Diepholz and Petershagen (GERMANY): Pilot of a Piper Arrow PA-28 and pilots of F-4 Phantom jets – Oval UFO on approach – Plane enters two fast 360° turns, dropping 500 feet – The magnetic compass rotated clockwise – Radar acquisition from the ground.

September 22, 1976: Lisbon Airport (PORTUGAL): Boeing 707 and UFO on a collision course, avoided by skill of the pilot.

September 26, 1976: Barajas Airport, Madrid (SPAIN): Boeing 707 Varig (flight RG-753) – Pilot in communication with control tower: “it is coming towards me” – gigantic UFO on a collision course and 8 small objects who accompanied him, passing very close to the plane.

March 7, 1977: Dijon (FRANCE): Mirage IV piloted by Hervé Giraud – UFO on a collision course, avoided after several maneuvers. Official case of the French Comet Report.

March 12, 1977: Syracuse, New York (USA): The pilot and co-pilot of a United Airlines DC-10 – UFO that generated strong effects on the autopilot and all three compasses.

May 5, 1977: Bogotá (COLOMBIA): Pilot Manuel López in a Cessna – UFO with a dome on a collision course – Crazy instruments – Four planes mobilized to his aid and were able to guide him to land, since the pilot was in a state of shock and was admitted.

June 17, 1977: Castelo de Bode (PORTUGAL): Pilot José Rodrigues in a combat plane (squadron no. 3 of Tancos) – Metallic discoidal UFO with windows on a collision course (he was positioned only 6 meters from the plane) – Strong Vibration in the plane, losing altitude and plummeting – Pilot Skill avoids impact on the ground – Gyroscope went “crazy”, until the object moved away. Case declassified by the Portuguese Air Force.

October 26, 1977: Abilene, Texas (USA): T-38 flown by 1st Lt. Seth Bryant (instructor pilot) and 1st Lt. Choate (student pilot) – UFO approach – Static effect on pilot’s head .

November 18, 1977: Troy, Missouri (USA): UFO approaching and following a small plane for 3 minutes – One of the transponders stopped working until the object moved away.

December 9, 1977: Kununurra (AUSTRALIA): A couple in a Cessna 206 – Oval UFO approaching – Radio interference.

October 21, 1978: Bass Strait (AUSTRALIA): The famous case of the pilot Frederich Valentich in a single-engine Cessna 182 – Approach of a large UFO and communication cut and disappearance of the pilot and plane to this day.

The report of the accident of the pilot Valentich, after the approach of a UFO on his plane.

November 28, 1978: Municipality of Tomé, Pará (BRAZIL): Pilot Luis Gómez Freitas Do Vale in a Cessna 210 L plane – Oval UFO in near collision – Strong turbulence. Report of Official Archives of the Brazilian Air Force.

May 26, 1979: Hailey, Idaho (USA): Private pilot – UFO on approach – Magnetic compass and automatic direction finder began to rotate. According to the pilot, the radio intercept was jammed by static and the engine started to run rough. At the same time, the ground radar had contact with both the aircraft and the objects.

September 10, 1979: Myrtle Creek, Oregon (USA): Two pilots in Piper Aztec and Cessna 182 aircraft – UFO approaching – Radio interference

April 11, 1980: La Joya Air Base (PERU): Pilot Oscar Santamaría Huertas intercepting a UFO – He fired 64 rounds with his 30 mm cannon at the object, but the projectiles seemed to pass by. – UFO comes to a stop and a near collision occurred.

April 8, 1981: San Luis Reservoir, California (USA): Pilot Dennis in Piper Archer II – UFO Approach – Distance Measuring Equipment and navigation and communications radios are turned off, until it moved away.

June 18, 1982: Heilon Jian (CHINA): Five planes patrolling the border had electrical effects from the jets in the presence of a UFO.

October 24, 1982: Lowell, Indiana (USA): Pilot and student in a Cherokee 140 – UFO in near collision – Altimeter «went crazy».

May 1983: Balikesir (TURKEY): Eight pilots of the Turkish Air Force on maneuvers – Several UFOs that «used techniques unknown to us» – The lights of an airplane went out during the event – They were detected by the control towers of the Istanbul, Ankara and Konya airports.

April 19, 1984: East of England (GREAT BRITAIN): UFO lands and rises from the airport, before the astonished gaze of witnesses – It disappeared from sight at “terrifying” speed. Case declassified by the English Ministry of Defense.

September 23, 1984: Alt.Reconquista, Santa Fe (ARGENTINA): Pilot Carlos Sorini in a Pipper LVMEE plane – UFO tracking for 45 minutes that caused various effects (the radio compass had an oscillation ranging from 0.05 degrees to 270 degrees and the horizontal indicator also showed problems) – Other pilots confirmed the fact.

1985: E/Tbilisi and Tallinn (RUSSIA): “Tupolev” plane – UFO in near collision – Created fear in crew. The official agency Tass confirmed the event.

November 17, 1986: C/Anchorange, Alaska (USA): Boeing 747 no. 1628 of the Japanese Airlines – Three large discoidal UFOs – Beam of light from one of them generates an effect on the pilot Terauchi (burning face). In his subsequent statement the pilot stated: “It is impossible for a man-made machine to make a sudden appearance in front of a jumbo jet flying at 910 and move in a formation parallel to our plane.” – They could be captured on radar and it all lasted 55 minutes – Other pilots confirmed the scene.

June 1, 1988: Puerto Mont Airport (CHILE): Commercial pilot of the LAN company – UFO on a collision course, avoided by the pilot – Official case reviewed by the Committee for the Study of Anomalous Aerial Phenomena of the Chilean Air Force .

August 10, 1989: Aragón Air Space (SPAIN): DC-9 plane of the Aviaco company – Five UFOs on a collision course, avoided by the pilot’s expertise.

December 5, 1989: Labacolla Airport, La Coruña (SPAIN): The airport was able to capture, for more than 1 hour, echoes that carried out a series of «impossible» maneuvers, juggling, coming from a UFO. – Several commercial flights suffered a series of unusual anomalies in their instruments. – The radar screens showed that 3 echoes were formed from the unknown object, shot at different altitudes.

30/31 March 1990: Gons (BELGIUM): Defense System Radar detected unidentified echoes – Two F-16 interceptors were dispatched. – UFOs made “impossible” maneuvers and blocked the defense systems of the F-16s. – There were wild skeptical versions that it was all a product of the F-117.

July 15, 1991: c / London (GREAT BRITAIN): Boeing of “Brittania Airways” – UFO in approach and near collision (from a distance of 500 meters it approached 100 meters in two seconds).

August 28, 1991: Mangishlak Peninsula (TURKMENISTAN): Ground radars of the military station capture UFOs and a reconnaissance mission of 4 MIG-29 planes is sent – When they tried to shoot, all the electrical systems began to fail and they had to return – The ground radars continued to capture the object until it disappeared, at an unprecedented speed (6800 kms. ph), and in a zig-zag maneuver.

January 6, 1995: C/Manchester (GREAT BRITAIN): Boeing 737 of “British Airways” piloted by Roger Wills and first officer Mark Stuart. – UFO on a collision course (it passed at only 1 meter).

March 14, 1995: Guizhou Airport (CHINA): Boeing 737 activated the anti-collision system in the presence of a UFO – Pilot expertise avoided the crash – It was captured by radar for an hour.

July 28, 1995: Tobías Bolaños Airport (COSTA RICA): Two pilots see a huge UFO captured on airport radar. – There were problems with the control tower instruments.

Monday July 31, 1995: San Carlos de Bariloche Airport, Río Negro (ARGENTINA): The famous Polanco case – UFO at a distance of near collision, avoided by the expertise of Commander Polanco – Effects of blackout and large number of witnesses.

One of the best events in Argentina, the Polanco case.

November 27, 1995: Beja Air Base (PORTUGAL): UFO over the base, at the same time as an electrical failure occurs, leaving the airport runways without lights.

Sunday August 4, 1996: Viedma, Río Negro (ARGENTINA): Pilot and three companions in Cessna 172 – UFO that generated an increase in heat inside the plane and an effect on the radio beacon.

September 27, 1996: E / Los Angeles and Newark (USA): Pilots in a DC-10 – UFO on a collision course avoided by the same object. – The speed of the intruder was labeled as something never seen. The Captain later wrote: «I now realize that I have an enormous number of new questions in front of me.»

November 30, 1996: Jaca, Huesca (SPAIN): Radar captures UFO – Two fighters tried to pursue it but the strange device pounced on a collision course, avoided by the UFO itself.

March 31, 1997: Helsinki (FINLAND): F-18 fighter on routine patrol followed 5 discoidal UFOs – He had permission from his base to shoot at them, but when he pointed the attack scope at them a series of technical failures occurred that caused him to prevented the missiles from being launched. As the objects moved away at high speed, the aircraft recovered its glitches.

August 9, 1997: Kennedy Airport, New York (USA): A Swissair Boeing 747 experienced a «near miss» with a «bright white» cylindrical object traveling almost directly into the cabin at very high speed.

Early 2000: Los Lagos (CHILE): Three military helicopters – UFO ascending on a collision course, with great impression on the pilots – Official case reviewed by the Committee for the Study of Anomalous Aerial Phenomena, of the Chilean Air Force.

January 27, 2001: Barnaul Airport, Siberia (RUSSIA): Airport suffered a 90-minute blackout due to the presence of a UFO that hovered almost at ground level. Two planes that were supposed to land changed course in this situation.

November 14, 2003: Flight Antofagasta – Iquique (CHILE): Boeing 737 of the company “Sky” – Three UFOs are approaching on a collision course and they passed only 1 meter away from it. Commander Mauricio Tabilo said: «Before, I did not give importance to this issue, but everything has changed.» For his part, co-pilot Javier Pizarro declared: «The scare was huge.» Official case reviewed by the Committee for the Study of Anomalous Aerial Phenomena, of the Chilean Air Force.

June 8, 2008: Cardiff Air Base, South Wales (GREAT BRITAIN): English police helicopter about to be collided by a UFO and was forced to drastically change course, saving its three crew members.

February 18, 2012: Chase, Virginia (USA): A father and son pilots in an Ovation II – UFO near collision – Plane temporarily loses power. The engine sputtered and all electrical equipment, including computers, went out.

April 13, 2013: Picayune, Mississippi (USA): Cessna 172 pilot – UFO stands next to his right wing.

January 24, 2014: Quixadá, Ceará (BRAZIL): Three aircraft detected the presence of a UFO that made zigzag movements at supersonic speed. Another plane had to carry out an evasive maneuver to avoid hitting it (it was only 91 meters away). The report was sent to the Brazilian Aerospace Defense Command (Comdabra).

January 26, 2014: Naval Air Station, Virginia (USA): F/A-18E Super Hornet aircraft detected a UFO – The pilot stated: “I feel like it is a matter of time before one of our F/A planes A-18 has a mid-air collision with an «unidentified airborne system.» (Case declassified by the Pentagon)

March 19, 2014: Perth, AUSTRALIA: UFO near collision involving a de Havilland DHC-8.

April 23, 2014: Naval Air Station, Virginia (USA): F/A-18F Super Hornet aircraft, had an encounter with «multiple unidentified aerial devices.» – Captured on radar – A Chief of the area, once again notified that «it is only a matter of time before there is a collision between an airplane and these objects.» (Case declassified from the Pentagon)

April 27, 2014: Naval Air Station, Virginia (USA): For the third time in 5 days, the crew of an F/A-18F Super Hornet from Squadron 11 was able to capture an “unknown aerial device”. It was a near collision with a spherical UFO. The Navy issued a series of internal advisories. (Case declassified by the Pentagon)

November 14, 2016: e/Ottawa and Toronto (CANADA): Company «Porter Airlines» reported that a UFO was placed on a collision course – Pilots had to carry out an evasive maneuver, which caused injuries to 2 flight attendants.

May 7, 2018: Alt.Antofagasta (CHILE): The crew of six commercial planes (1 from Copa and 5 from Lan Chile), stated that they had witnessed a series of UFOs. It was about 3 triangular objects that moved in the sky and increased the light intensity. An airplane had to change course due to a possible UFO approach. (Ceffa)


The observation of May 7, 2018 in Antofagasta (CHILE). Positions of the six commercial airplanes and one of them changed course due to a possible UFO approach. (Graphic of the official Commission of Chile Ceffa)

The author: He the first advisor to the Argentine Air Force (2011 to 2017) in Ufology. Carlos Ferguson works in the Logistics areas of the Ministry of Education (Province of Buenos Aires – Argentina), and administrative tasks. He is also a professor of artistic drawing and has been dedicated to researching the UFO topic for 48 years, when, being a non-believer, had a close encounter no more than 35 meters away with a disc-shaped UFO. He has courses in Satellite Technology, Remote Sensing and Geographic Information Systems. Author of 7 books and the largest compilation of landing cases in Argentina, with classified events. He has also carried out studies on cases of pilots and UFOs in Argentina, as well as underwater objects and the most recent, on the physiological and electromagnetic effects on witnesses. Hundreds of talks and notes over almost 5 decades show him with a line of work adjusted to the parameters of statistics.


QUOTE 1: Lic.Angel Díaz – “The interceptions of our aircraft by UFOs”

QUOTE 2: DR. RICHARD HAINES: specializes in Aviation Safety cases in the face of the phenomenon and has an unbeatable curriculum, highlighting only a part of it:

Engineering Studies at Seattle University

in Psychology at the University of Tacoma

in Psychology at the University of Michigan

Jobs for airlines Airplane Seattle, Washington. (Engineering Division)

NASA Ames Space Center Post Doctoral Studies

Assistant Professor, Department of Psychology, San Jose, California

Studies and work for the Research Institute for Advanced Computing at Ames, NASA Center

He has directed astronautical research in the spacecraft re-entry program for the Gemini capsules, space station window design, etc. He conducted theoretical and applied human performance studies for the Space Shuttle program on human g tolerance of reentry plus simulated weightlessness.

In NASA management, Dr. Haines was appointed chief of the office of human factors in space at Ames, directing design and development work on the AX-5.

He has worked as a staff scientist at the Research Institute for Advanced Computing, USRA, located at NASA Ames.

And also a member of several scientific and technical institutions:

Amer. Astronautical Society (1967-76); Optical Society of America

Committee S-7 on Deck and Flight Handling Quality Standards for Transport Aircraft (1983)

Aerospace Medical Association (1978).

International Society of Aviation Safety Investigators (San Francisco, 1984-87)

Member, Aviation Safety Committee, Aerospace Medical Association (1979-82)

Founder and Chairman of the Advanced Technology Applications Committee, NASA/California

QUOTE 3: Carlos Ferguson – «Air safety related to the reports of Argentine pilots regarding Unidentified Aerial Phenomena (Spanish and English version) =

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